When you are looking for a solar solution, consider a solar panel system from GVEC Solar Services. Our systems will provide you with an affordable solution that will save you money. Here are some of the benefits of having a sun-powered system installed in your home.

When you’re looking for a solar solution, we suggest considering a GVEC Solar Services solar panel system. Our systems deliver an affordable, money-saving solution. Below are some of the most significant benefits of installing a sun-powered system from GVEC Solar Services on your home.

Solar Systems Can Last

GVEC Solar Services solar systems are durable and will provide power for years, making this a lasting investment. We stand behind our products, too, guaranteeing them for 25 years. Since we custom-tailor each system to fit your home, it works seamlessly with your existing setup. Our solar panels are weather-resistant and specifically designed to work in South Central Texas climate. Our warranty is independent of any other industry or manufacturer warranty, meaning we stand behind our products.

GVEC Solar Panel Systems are Cost Effective

Your GVEC Solar Services solar panel system works in conjunction with your existing connection to the grid, and it’s not unusual for these systems to produce excess energy during the day. You can sell this extra power, which doesn’t get used in the home, back to GVEC Solar Services for monthly credits on your electricity bill, saving you even more money. Upon installation, we’ll help get you up and running on all your system’s ins and outs, including reviewing with you how to sell excess energy back to GVEC Solar Services. Additionally, different state and federal tax credits apply to each solar purchase. We’ll help you take advantage of every single credit that applies to your purchase. In the longer-term, after you’ve paid the price of your panels in full, you can even expect to start making a profit off their usage. In this way, GVEC Solar Services solar panel systems can truly pay for themselves.

We Work with You through Every Step of Your GVEC Solar System Purchase

From the outset of your solar purchase, GVEC Solar Services partners with you, helping guide you through every step of the process. We’ll help design the system to fit your home and keep working closely with you in the permitting and installation process. Our service doesn’t end with installation, either. We’ll make quality checks and provide maintenance services as necessary. At GVEC Solar Services, our top priority with every sale and installation, with every service run and check, is customer satisfaction. You’ll experience this commitment in our level of partnership with you. At GVEC Solar Services, we’re not happy until you are, and we’re not finished with the job until you say so.

The Solar Panel Experts

At GVEC Solar Services, we’ve been selling solar panels since 2013, but our history in and relationship with the Guadalupe Valley goes back much further. We’ve been delivering reliable, affordable electricity to our members since 1938 and have long since expanded our product-and-service offerings to include HVAC sales and service, Electrician services and much more. We’re proud of our rich history of satisfied members and customers and of our contributions to the communities we serve. We’d love the opportunity to put our solar expertise to work for you, including sales, installation, tune-ups, and maintenance. For more information, call GVEC Solar Services today at 855.898.8807.

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