Why Go Solar?

December 13, 2018

Going solar at first may seem like a huge investment, but there are many benefits. Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills Electricity can take up a good portion of a monthly budget. Even if you don’t get enough to cover your electric bills from your solar panels, your bill will be greatly reduced. Good Return on Investment Many people like to look at solar panels as a way to invest since there are great returns with electricity savings. Many homeowners that switch to solar will pay off the system in seven or eight years and can see an ROI of 20%. Prepare for Rising Energy Costs In recent years, electricity prices have gone up and there is no telling how much more you can expect them to increase. If you invest in solar now, you can protect against the increased costs. If you have a fluctuating cash flow, solar panels can help you better manage your expenses. Increase the Property Value Studies have shown that homes with solar panels have higher property values and sell faster. As homebuyers are becoming more educated about solar panels, the demand is increasing and appraisers are taking solar panels into consideration when they value homes....

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