Buy Local When It Comes to Solar and Battery Storage

November 20, 2022

When it comes to solar and battery storage, there are many options available to consumers. You can buy products from big-name brands or look for local businesses that offer these services. So, why should you consider buying locally? There are several reasons. More Money Stays in the Local Economy When you buy from a local business, more of the money you spend stays in the community. That’s good for the local economy and can have a positive ripple effect. When you shop locally, you’re supporting your community significantly. Jobs are created and retained, revenue is generated, families and cultures are supported, and things thrive and grow. You Can Get to Know the People Who Make Your Products Shopping local allows you to connect closely with business owners and employees. Doing this will make you aware of who is in charge of your products and that they’re installed with precision. For instance, when you buy solar panels from a local company, the owners are more likely to be available to answer your questions and help you with installation. You Can Support Sustainable Practices Many local businesses are committed to sustainable practices, such as using recycled materials or renewable energy. You can...

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Why Solar Power Is More Practical Than Wind Power in South Central Texas

November 10, 2022

The renewable energy industry has developed over the years, and now, there is increased demand for alternative sources of energy. Solar and wind power have both become popular in Texas and in other regions. Here in South Central Texas, though, solar power can be the more strategic choice. Potential Issues With Residential Wind Power in Our Area The state of Texas experiences a lot of wind, but only in certain areas. Our particular region doesn’t have that much constant wind, which is why wind power might not be the ideal choice. Plus, even small wind turbines are typically installed on tall poles. The lowest part of the rotor needs to be at least 20 feet higher than any other structures or obstacles within 250 feet of the pole, so it’s a fairly large structure that needs to be erected. This is a difficult requirement to meet because of the lack of space in many neighborhoods. Another final point about wind turbines is that they can be very expensive to install. Benefits of Solar Power In contrast to wind, there is plenty of sunshine in our area of Texas. In fact, we typically have over 300 days of sunshine each year....

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Difference Between Green Energy and Renewable Energy

October 20, 2022

There has always been a misconception that green and renewable energy means the same thing. Despite the overlap of the terms, some significant unique meanings exist between the two. Here are the differences between green energy and renewable energy. What Is Green Energy? Green energy is a term used to describe various forms of renewable energy considered environmentally friendly. These include solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal. Green energy is often seen as a preferable alternative to fossil fuels in modern times. What Is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy is a term used to describe forms of energy that can naturally be replenished on a human timescale. These include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. The sources are sustainable, and they cannot run out. Creation of the Energy Green energy is created from the natural sources that produce energy without compromising the existence of future generations. Green energy has the lowest environmental footprint. On the other hand, renewable energy is sourced from naturally occurring sources and is naturally replaced within an average human’s lifetime existence. Impact of the Energy Green energy has been confirmed to be the most environmentally friendly with no negative effect on the environment. On the other...

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Three Things to Know When Buying Solar

October 10, 2022

The power and promises of solar energy often seem too good to be true. The idea of being able to harness the sun’s energy and “get off the grid” is an appealing one. However, before you buy solar for your Gonzales, Texas home, there are three important things to know. 1. Many Contractors Overstate the Capabilities of Their Products Although solar installation is a worthwhile investment, it’s also a significant one. Many homeowners complete these purchases in the belief that they’ll never have to pay for energy again. This is due in large part to less-than-honest marketing by some contractors. Although solar might help some get “off the grid”, most standard installations won’t. 2. Clear, Accurate and Easy-to-Understand Information Is of the Utmost Importance Good communication is by far the most important thing to look for when choosing a solar installer. After all, this is relatively new technology and for many consumers, so you may have limited understanding of how it works, why it works and what it’s ultimately capable of. While hearing about the benefits of solar is exciting, it’s also good to have honest information about its limitations and potential. Trustworthy contractors will paint a clear, accurate picture...

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Solar Technology Has Evolved Into Something Affordable and Accessible

September 20, 2022

Solar technology is something many homeowners would like to obtain. When installed, their family could enjoy energy savings by generating electricity from the sun instead of purchasing it from their local utility. Unfortunately, solar technology was too cumbersome for a long time. Things have changed, as modern solar technology is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Affordability Solar technology can be expensive, but it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Tax credits, deductions, and financing options have made the technology more affordable for many homeowners. The biggest thing has simply been the cost reductions that come with mass production. As more people have turned to solar technology, the costs involved with making the various parts and pieces have come down. Additionally, Technological and engineering improvements keep creating cheaper ways to make solar equipment. Pairing solar panels with battery storage technology has also made solar technology more cost beneficial. Solar panels alone only generate power if the sun is shining to produce power to be used immediately. However, batteries mean solar power can be stored for use anytime- even in the event of a power outage. Increasing the time frame of when solar power can offset utility bills...

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3 Advantages of Installing Solar

September 10, 2022

Solar panel systems are growing in popularity across the board. They are becoming more affordable and easier to install. Solar panels are an effective way to reduce your reliance on your electricity provider as your sole source of energy. Here are three reasons why installing is a good idea. 1. The Energy Prices Are on the Rise Energy prices have grown in the last year. There are many ways to save on energy bills and help keep your electricity costs as minimal as possible. Solar is a good idea because it reduces the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your electricity provider. At GVEC, solar members may sell excess energy generated back to the cooperative. Solar members whove paired their panels with battery storage may store the excess energy to use when the sun isn’t shining, reducing the amount of electricity tey would need to buy to power their home at night. If you’re in South Central Texas, contact to learn more about this. 2. Installing Solar Has Become More Affordable Solar panels are a great way to save money and diversify your energy portfolio as technology and materials to produce solar panels have become cheaper yet more...

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Why Solar and Battery Storage Pair well with Time-of-Use Billing

August 18, 2022

Time of Use billing enables electric companies to charge Less for electricity consumption during Non-peak periods. This billing method is designed to help consumers become more mindful of their energy usage. During peak time, time of use generally bills electricity at a slightly high rate to help create energy efficient habits. These time periods usually range between 3-9 p.m. During summer months in South Central Texas. However, one way to keep these costs for the energy you consume during these times to a minimum is to use solar energy and battery storage. What Is Solar Battery Storage? Most people understand that using solar panels can help reduce your utility bill. However, the main drawback of solar energy is that you are unable to create any additional energy when the sun isn’t shining. You can overcome this by using solar battery storage, which enables you to store the solar energy that’s generated during the day. Investing in solar battery storage makes it possible for you to use this energy during peak hours, which can help to lower your utility bill when participating in a Time of Use program. Additional Benefits of Solar Battery Storage Solar battery storage also offers plenty of...

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Understanding the Tesla Powerwall

August 10, 2022

Solar panels by themselves are not enough to keep the power on during outages or when the sun isn’t out. Solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall are similar to any other battery you use in your daily life. They store energy for use when you need a backup power source. Why We Use Powerwall Batteries Our technicians at install Tesla Powerwall batteries because they are dependable, stylish, and versatile. Their compact design allows them to be mounted anywhere you want — inside or outside. We recommend pairing solar panels with Tesla Powerwall batteries because it not only helps cut down on energy costs but also acts as a backup power source. Who wants to deal with noisy, bulky fuel generators when you already have power you’ve stored from a renewable energy source on hand? Tesla Powerwall Specifications A single Tesla Powerwall holds up to 13.5 kilowatts (kWh), enough to power the average home for around 13 hours during a power outage. Batteries can be “stacked,” meaning more can be installed to collect double or triple the amount of power. Units are around 3 to 5 feet tall and about 6 inches in depth. Controlling Tesla Powerwalls Remotely By installing the...

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The Solar Energy Revolution: How Texas Is Leading the Way

July 20, 2022

The solar energy revolution is coming, and Texas is leading the way. Texas is one of the top producers of solar energy in the United States, and it is poised to be a major player in the shift to renewable energy. It’s not just big cities like Austin and Houston that are getting in on the action—small towns and rural communities are also investing in solar. So, how is Texas leading the way in solar energy? Fastest Adoption of Renewable Energy In 2021, Texas added 7,352 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy, solar being one of the biggest contributors. This made Texas the fastest-adopting state of renewable energy that year, outperforming California, Florida, and other top solar-producing states. Texas is also leading in the development of storage capacity for renewable energy. As of 2021, there were projects totaling 20,000 MW of storage under development in the state. This figure places it ahead of California, which has 14,000 MW. Solar Rebates and Incentives In addition to federal solar incentives, like the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), many electricity providers offer solar buy back plans to make solar even more affordable. This means the utility will buy back the excess solar produced...

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5 American Companies Leading Renewable Energy Adoption

July 10, 2022

As an increasing number of businesses are looking to utilize renewable energy , many companies have made efforts to take charge of their own energy production. Here, we’ll look at five large American companies leading the business revolution in renewable energy. 1. Estée Lauder Estée Lauder is a beauty giant based in the United States that entirely depends on renewable energy in its operations. It has installed heat pumps in all of its buildings, significantly reducing energy consumption. The company uses solar panels to power some of its facilities. It is also working on a pilot project to test the feasibility of using wind turbines to generate electricity. 2. Google Google is the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy. The tech giant has committed to purchasing enough renewable energy to offset all of the electricity used by its operations. Google has invested in solar and wind farms and heat pump installation at their data centers. 3. Tesla Tesla is at the forefront of electric car production; more recently, it has turned its attention to solar power. Tesla offers solar panels and roof tiles designed to blend in with existing roofs. Tesla also provides Powerwall battery storage, which can store...

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