Solar Repair in Gonzales, TXGonzales, TX, homes and businesses can benefit from installing solar panels, and no one can do a better job of installing and repairing them than GVEC Solar Services. We offer complete solar panel service and solar repair for residential and commercial clients. If your panels aren’t in the right place, or if they’ve been damaged by wind, hail, or animals, we can fix them or realign them. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the problems with the panels and often complete the solar repair in one trip. You don’t have to go far for a complete and comprehensive solar panel service. Simply give GVEC Solar Services a call!

Efficient Solar Repair in Gonzales

If you have solar panels or want to install solar panels, trust the team at GVEC Solar Services for all your solar needs. We fix issues that commonly affect solar panels, as well as more complicated repairs, ensuring that your panels are operating effectively. Our GVEC Solar Services technicians are licensed electricians and trained technicians specializing in solar panel repair and installation.

Our solar panel services include:
  • Repairing hail storm damage
  • Inspecting the unit for monitoring problems
  • Solving metering problems
  • Local and state code violation corrections

Solar Panel Service in Gonzales, TXNot only can GVEC Solar Services fix your solar panel problems, we can also install and upgrade your panels. We’re familiar with the industry-leading technology used and can maximize the effectiveness of your solar panel system. GVEC Solar Services also specializes in working on individual components of solar panel systems. Our techs are able to work on all makes and models of solar equipment and appliances. GVEC Solar Services offers comprehensive services, from complete diagnostics to repairs. We provide preventative maintenance as well.

Although panels are made to withstand a host of damages, issues can still happen. Often, battery terminals wear out or fuses blow. That’s when it’s time to give us a call and get expert advice as to what’s happening. You may not be seeing the damage on the panels, but a solar repair can still be necessary. Sometimes, heavy rains will allow water to seep through old or damaged seals on an older panel. Those seals can be repaired by our expert licensed solar contractors. We’re experienced in solar repair, and we’ll come out to inspect them as well as the inverter. We’ll make sure that everything is charging properly and is still connected.

Dependable Solar Panel Service

GVEC Solar Services has been serving the Gonzales area since 1938, including 13 counties stretched over 3,500 miles in south Texas. Our company offers complete solar panel repair, sales, installation and service and have plenty of great customer reviews.