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GVEC Solar Services, a division of GVEC, provides solar panel installations to the South Central Texas area. In 2013, we began selling solar systems as more and more GVEC customers expressed an interest in solar energy. We wanted customers to have access to a quality product and ensure each system would be individually designed to maximize production.

About Us

Here at GVEC Solar Services, we are proud to serve residents of Texas, and we love for our customers to know who we are! We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the years for ethical behavior and honest communication among the communities we serve. Our members and customers know they can depend on us for the honest information they need to make informed buying decisions.

If you should have questions about claims you hear from a solar contractor that sound too good to be true, call us. Our energy solutions specialists can help you distinguish truth from exaggeration and get you started on an alternative-energy lifestyle that suits your needs and budget. Take a moment and learn more about the roots of GVEC Solar Services and how far we have come today!

Our Roots

The 1938 establishment of the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative transformed the quality of life for many rural families through teamwork, vision, and a commitment to empowering the people and communities it served. Although our Cooperative services and customers are more diverse than ever before, those same values still remain rooted in the work of GVEC Solar Services today.

Over the years, GVEC management consistently met the needs of a growing membership by expanding and upgrading the transmission and distribution systems throughout the service area.

Our Roots

GVEC also dedicated itself to investing in additional products and services, and solar services through GVEC Solar Services was one of them.

Who We Are Today

Our story began in 1938 with our pioneering leaders coming together to serve electricity to their local farms and neighbors. Over the years, GVEC’s offerings have grown more diverse along with our South Central Texas audience.

Although we continue to serve electricity, we are not just an electric utility. Our products and services go beyond the meter to do more for our customers and their communities. GVEC Solar Services has offered sales of solar systems since 2013. In 2017, we proudly took on the task of installing those units as well.

Who We Are Today

Through early 2018, the GVEC Solar Services electric system incorporated nearly 1,200 rooftop solar panels systems making it the largest concentration of solar service in Texas.

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