Solar Service in New Braunfels, TXSolar panels are a great way to reduce your energy costs in New Braunfels, TX, but like most things they do require service and repair from time to time. Learning to recognize when to call a solar panel repair technician can help increase their efficiency and protect your overall investment. After all, while they may look impressive, they are much more than just a fancy exterior decoration for your home. When properly taken care of, your solar panel system serves as a home efficiency investment that can last for well into the future.

We have a long history at our company. Since forming in 1938, we’ve expanded our services and built up our customer base. We’re proud of the vast network that we’ve been able to create. In 2013, we started offering solar services.

Solar Panel Service in New Braunfels

If you start to notice that your solar panels are not collecting as much energy as they used to, this can be sign that there may be an issue with your solar panel system. The good news is this is something that can be fixed if you call a solar panel repair technician. Sometimes a simple solution is all it takes to get your solar panels working at full capacity again.

Some common signs you need solar panel repair or maintenance include:
  • Visibly dirty or damaged panels
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Lowered power output
  • Inverter is not working

If you reach out to us, you’ll get personal attention. You can feel comfortable enlisting our solar repair experts.

Dependable Solar Repair Company

Solar panels should be long-lasting and durable. However, malfunctions can occasionally happen. If you find yourself facing some trouble with your system, we’re here to address the situation. We’ll aim to take care of the problem quickly. By reaching out to us right away, you could prevent issues from getting worse and becoming more difficult to fix.

Our crew can address:

Solar Panel Repair Technician in New Braunfels, TX

  • Panels with visible damage
  • Problems with your connections or wiring
  • Loose panels
  • Changes to your energy production

Even if you’re not sure of what’s going on, feel free to reach out. We can assess the situation for you.

How to Find a Solar Panel Repair Technician

If you need a solar panel repair technician in New Braunfels, look no further than GVEC Solar Services for help. We’ve been providing dependable electricity in the Guadalupe Valley since 1938. We’re glad to offer renewable energy products and services to the customers we serve in and around the New Braunfels area. If you are curious about whether solar panels are the right choice for your New Braunfels home, our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are here to answer any questions you may have. If you have solar panels but are concerned that something is wrong, our technicians are the right choice. With an A+ rating the BBB, we have proven time and time again that we are the experts in solar power and battery storage in New Braunfels.

Are you concerned about your solar panels? Contact GVEC Solar Services today to schedule solar panel service. Don’t have solar panels yet? GVEC Solar Services also provides solar panel installation services!