A Smooth Process From Start To Finish

When you purchase a solar panel system from us, you have the comfort of knowing that our GVEC Solar Services staff will take care of you from design through installation. Our expert Energy Solutions Specialists make sure the job is done right from start to finish to make the buying and installation process of your solar panels as easy as possible.

We’ll never make promises we can’t stand behind, either. If a solar contractor makes claims that sound to good to realistically expect from a home solar panel system, call us.

As a cooperative, our values demand not only a people-over-profits mindset, but also that we remain invested in the communities we serve. Our honest, up-front business practices have made us a trusted source of dependable information, products and services throughout South Central Texas.


  1. Once you call for an appointment, an Energy Solutions Specialist from GVEC Solar Services will visit your home or business to do a site evaluation, free of charge. This is so we can customize a system to ensure you’ll receive maximum sunshine for maximum electricity production.
  2. We’ll look at things like the slope, direction and condition of your roof and determine the amount of sun or shade it receives. If your roof doesn’t offer the ideal situation, we can ground-mount or pole-mount the solar panels, or even put them on the roof of another structure such as a pool house.
  3. We’ll also check your electric service, explain the technical requirements of connecting to the electric grid, and help you determine if a solar panel system would be a good investment for your situation.
  4. Once we have a design and quote, we’ll set up an appointment to review the information with you. If you decide to purchase a system, we’ll take care of everything else: permits, homeowner association approvals, and installation. As soon as we have the equipment, installation typically takes one day.
  5. After your panels have been installed, we give you the tools you need to make it easy to monitor your production.


Installation practices vary and can affect the durability and longevity of your system. GVEC Solar Services takes the extra step of running all wires in conduits to protect them from the elements as well as critters like squirrels and rats. We also mount our solar panels on a rack system, rather than nail directly into the roof. The panels will cover wires when process is complete.


Solar panels are mounted on a rack system, rather than nailed directly into the roof.


All wires are run in conduits for protection from the elements.


Our solar panels are durable, hail resistant and simple to keep clean.

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