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solar panels seguin txWith alternative energy sources becoming increasingly valued in the U.S. today, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate clean energy into their homes. At GVEC Solar Services, we are your go-to resource for high-quality, affordable solar panels in Seguin, New Braunfels, Schertz, Cibolo, Cuero, Gonzales, Yoakum, Hallettsville and other surrounding areas.

Our solar panel systems are durable, affordable, and save you money. Plus, you can feel great about using renewable, alternative energy that protects the environment.

Our GVEC Solar Services Promise:

  • Solar Simplicity: we make it easy, from start to finish, to purchase a solar photovoltaic system
  • Happy Customers: providing you with the utmost respect, best service, and quality product is our #1 priority
  • We provide affordable, long-lasting solar panel systems that are easy to customize
  • Our solar panel warranty protects your alternative energy investment for up to 25 years
  • The solar panels you purchase from us are from a local source and are weather resistant, with minimal need for maintenance
  • We’ll help you make the most of manufacturer rebates and government tax credits—We’ll even help members sell back excess energy for a profit!
  • Our specials and financing offers (for those with approved credit) can help you save even more!
  • We’ll work with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to permitting, installation, and final quality checks
  • Experts You Can Trust: No other business can offer you solar and battery storage technology combined with over 80-years of energy efficiency expertise. Our reps are non-commissioned, meaning we’ll give you the facts to reach your energy savings goals, not try to sell you with unrealistic promises. For GVEC, our goal is long-term value as opposed to just making a sell.

A Solar Installation Experience You Can Trust

Using the sun’s free energy to power your home seems like a great idea, right? But how do you convert this green energy into actual, usable energy resources for your home?

The answer? A solar system from GVEC Solar Services. Once we conduct a site evaluation, we’ll design a system custom tailored to your home’s needs and site layout. After permits, homeowner association approvals, and installation (we do all of this), you can begin using your solar energy right away—monitoring it right from your home computer or phone app.

Are solar panels worth it?

We get this question a lot at GVEC Solar Services. In fact, the advantages of solar energy in South Central Texas cannot be overstated. They offer diverse applications for energy use in the home at a low maintenance cost, and because they’re renewable, you’re helping the planet and saving money.

Our Services Include:

  • Free site evaluation and installation quote
  • Permit services and checks with homeowner associations
  • Quality, affordable solar panel installation for the home
  • Home computer energy monitoring set-up
  • 25-year warranty on products
  • Expert advice to help protect you from unrealistic claims

Beware of solar “experts” who promise to eliminate your electric bill. Chances are, they can’t deliver on such lofty energy savings promises. Give GVEC a try – even if just for a free, no obligation second opinion. Our solar solutions specialists have the integrity and energy expertise to help you create a custom-designed solar panel system that can help you reach your goals-whether that is significantly reducing your electric bill to eliminating it. Can it be done? Yes, but you must have a solid understanding of the true variables involved to get there. Energy and efficiency advice has been GVEC’s core business for over 80-years, that’s something no other South Texas solar panel provider can live up to.

Let GVEC Solar Services install solar for you!

Considering a Home Solar Power System?

Choosing high efficiency solar panels for your home is an investment, but you’d be surprised at how affordable it is to go solar. You’ll begin to see the benefits of solar energy and batter storage (if you choose to couple them) right away. Give our GVEC Energy Solutions Specialists a chance to prove to you why GVEC Solar Services is the right solar energy partner for you!

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