After installing a GVEC solar panel on your South Central TX home, you might be curious about how much power the system is generating in real-time at any given point. Or maybe you’d like to view historical data regarding panel output versus overall electric consumption in your home for a given period of time. Our systems allow for such monitoring, enabling you to more closely watch, think about and modify your home’s electricity usage, and to monitor any surpluses generated by your system that can be sold back to GVEC.

SmartHub® and Battery Storage Create Powerful Renewable Savings

Use the built-in monitoring capability of each solar panel system GVEC sells in conjunction with our SmartHub self-service portal (available only to GVEC electric members) for even more powerful management of home electricity usage. A battery storage solution added to your solar panel system from GVEC can add another powerful tool for helping you monitor and manage your renewable energy lifestyle.

Access Your Online Account Portal

With a home solar panel system through GVEC, you don’t have to be confined to monitoring your panels at home, either. You can also monitor from any internet-connected computer anywhere. Just log into your online account portal. You can view the same real-time and historical data about your system’s power generation that you would see from home. The home battery systems we offer can provide the same away-from-home access.

Handheld Monitoring for On-The-Go Convenience

All the systems we sell offer apps that can also be used on handheld devices, giving greater flexibility for monitoring anywhere you may roam. Our battery storage systems offer the same handy portable monitoring. With this software, you’ll never wonder how much reserve charge you might have in your battery storage system.

A Start to Finish Solar Option

At GVEC, we offer a complete turnkey solar solution. Our process starts with our solar solutions specialists, who never work on commission. These experts take pride in providing honest, dependable information designed to help prospective buyers make informed decisions. Unlike many in the solar industry, our specialists never deal in pie-in-the-sky promises just to make a sale. Whether you buy or decide to shop around a bit, the information we provide will be the same and delivered without pressure. If you decide to purchase, our specialists will work with you on designing a solar panel system that’s suited to your energy needs and budget.

GVEC’s process includes a trip to your home to assess best placement and size. Our team of professional electricians will handle installation, and we’ll also give you an overview on using the system for maximum efficiency. This overview includes an introduction to your system’s user interface and associated apps.

You can opt to sell any unused electricity generated by your panels to GVEC or to your electricity provider if they allow, and we’ll show you how that process works. If you add a battery storage solution, we’ll install that system, too, and show you how it works. And we’ll help you with any local permitting that might be necessary for proper system installation.

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