While the climate of South Central Texas is mostly warm and sunny throughout the year, we do have our cloudier and cooler days. If you have been considering going solar, you might be wondering if solar panels only work when it’s sunny and warm. Here is what you can expect from your solar panels, whether it’s sunny, cloudy or nighttime.

Sunny Days Give the Best Results

Solar panels are made up of numerous solar cells. Their job is to absorb light that will be converted into usable energy. They are most effective when there is plenty of sunlight available. When the sun shines on them, they produce the most energy. The electricity produced does not go to waste if your home cannot use it all. Depending on your solar system setup, the electricity is either sent back to the electric grid and bought back by your electricity provider or to a battery storage system, like Tesla Powerwall, for use when your panels aren’t producing.

Solar Panels Don’t Take Cloudy Days Off

You might be surprised to hear that solar panels continue to work on cloudy days. If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn on a cloudy day, you know that the sun’s rays can get through the clouds. However, your panels will produce less electricity. Depending on how thick the cloud cover is, they may only produce 10 to 25 percent of their normal output.

Nighttime is Bedtime for Solar Panels

Solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity. Light from the moon, stars and streetlights do not provide enough light to trigger electricity production at night. But the good news is GVEC Solar Services offers Tesla Powerwall battery storage. If your solar panels produce excess energy during the day, it can be stored for use at night, when the sun isn’t shining.

Go Solar and Save Money

Are you considering going solar in your South Central Texas home? It is time to give GVEC Solar Services in Seguin, Schertz, La Vernia, Cuero, Gonzales or New Braunfels a call. We’ll give you a free site evaluation and installation quote and provide you with a quality, affordable solar panel system. Call us today at 855.898.8807 for additional services like AC/heating installation and repair and electrician services as well.

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