South Central Texas is an ideal place for solar panel installation and use. The area has many mostly-to-completely-sunny days every year. You may be wondering how much money you could save on electricity bills by installing a solar panel system. Here’s what you need to know, so you can plan ahead for your monthly expenses.

Estimated Monthly Savings

The amount of money you save on your electric bill each month after a solar panel installation will vary based on many factors. The capacity of your solar array is the top factor. You’ll also need to consider how many kilowatt-hours of power your home uses, too, and how much your electricity provider charges per kilowatt-hour.
On average, Texas homeowners could save between $65 and $100 per month on electricity costs after the installation of a solar panel system that meets 50% or more of their electricity needs. Keep in mind, though, that this range represents an average, so your own monthly savings could be less or more.

Selling Extra Power

It’s not unusual for solar owners to generate more electricity from their panels than their home actually needs. This extra power must be stored, used immediately or sold to your electricity provider.
GVEC Solar Services allows solar customers to sell unused solar electricity to the Cooperative in the form of monthly bill credits. This arrangement generates even greater savings on electric bills for solar customers.

Add a Battery Storage Solution

Although selling excess solar to GVEC Solar Services is an effective way for solar owners to save on monthly electric bills, adding a battery storage solution can make their systems even more cost-effective. With a battery storage solution, excess solar power can be stored for use at night or during a power outage. Using excess solar this way instead of buying power from a provider when the sun isn’t shining generates even greater savings in electricity costs for solar owners. Some battery owners may still generate unused solar electricity, and this power can be sold to GVEC Solar Services for monthly bill credits.

GVEC Solar Services: Your Trusted Source for Solar and Battery Storage Solutions

GVEC Solar Services is a trusted name for solar panel and battery storage products and services across South Central Texas. For further details about how much money solar panels and battery storage can save you on electricity costs, reach out to us at 855.898.8807. GVEC Solar Services solar solutions specialists are available Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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