South Central Texas has many days of sunny or mostly sunny weather. That makes it an ideal location for the installation and use of solar panels on rooftops and properties throughout the area. Solar energy not only helps panel owners save on electricity bills, but this form of renewable energy is beneficial to the earth and a boon for the economy, too. Here are some of the ways solar energy contributes to economic growth.

Panels Produced in the USA

When solar panels are manufactured in the United States, the manufacturers create jobs. These are skilled jobs, but they don’t require advanced education. People who work in these jobs are able to make a good living.

Local Workers Install the Panels

Local workers install solar panels, also adding more jobs to the economy. According to a report released in May 2021 by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, The Solar Foundation, BW Research and the National Solar Jobs Census, 67% of all jobs across the U.S. solar energy sector in 2020 were related to installation. The total number of industry-related jobs for the year was 231,000!
Excess Power Gets Returned to the Grid

When solar panels generate more power than homeowners can store, it often gets returned to the grid, which can help stabilize the cost of electricity for everyone across the community.

Homeowners Have Better Cash Flow

When homeowners’ monthly energy bills are low as a result of using solar power, they can use their extra cash for other purchases or to save a little extra. Basically, lower electricity bills can help generate additional money for people to use and spend in other ways, which is a positive for the larger economy.

For More Information, Call GVEC Solar Services

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