Renewable energy is hot—hotter than it’s ever been and among products in current energy markets. In this dynamic environment, no product is more on-the-move than solar. This amazing form of power is widely regarded as essential to the future of the renewable sector. Solar is abundant, readily available and powering a greater share of the market—of life—every year. Solar-power technology is also surprisingly versatile and adaptable for a range of products and uses beyond electricity generation. Here are some interesting items that run on solar or may in the future.

Solar Powered Keyboards, Laptops and More

Some keyboards are already powered by solar and available for purchase. It’s a good bet these products will become more sophisticated and numerous as time goes by. And although solar-powered laptops aren’t quite a thing yet, they very well could be in the future. But how, you might wonder, could solar run such a complicated device if users usually sit indoors while using it? Admittedly, solar technology isn’t quite to a point where it can power an indoor laptop on its own, but research into and development of power-generating solar materials continues in a never-ending cycle; don’t be surprised if such products start popping up in years to come.

Solar Powered Jackets

Jackets are excellent ways to stay warm in the winter. What’s even better than staying warm with insulation is staying warm with a portable heating device. That’s exactly what a solar-powered jacket is. As you hike through a mountainside of snow, it collects energy from the sun and creates even more heat. While this jacket might not be useful if you’re sitting inside on a cold day, it’s fantastic for hiking and backpacking. Best of all, solar-powered jackets are already available for consumer purchase, with some models even designed to charge smaller electronic devices. Although GVEC Solar Services doesn’t generally do unaffiliated product recommendations, a quick internet search of “solar powered jackets” is a good way to find some of these products if you’re serious about buying or just curious about what’s out there.

Solar-Powered Hats

Similar to solar-powered jackets, solar-powered hats are another terrific way to make use of the sun while walking. As you stroll through the park, the hat collects energy and stores it in a battery. Then, when your cellphone is low on charge, connect the two for an efficient, portable charge. There are also solar-powered hats available with built-in fans designed to help keep wearers cool in hot weather. Again, an internet search of “solar powered hats” can help you discover what’s available.

Local Solar Power Experts in the Guadalupe Valley

These three solar-powered products are a small part of a growing revolution in renewable energy that’s slowly transforming the way we live and work. Other solar-powered products currently available for consumer purchase include outdoor lighting (including motion detector lights), portable cookers and chargers, flashlights, deer and snake repellers, coolers, portable generators, and more.

Of course, solar power panel systems for home electricity generation are one of the most popular and revolutionary solar products on the market. At GVEC Solar Services in Seguin, Gonzales, Cuero, Schertz, La Vernia and surrounding areas, we love helping customers save money on electricity bills through solar. We are experts in home solar power. We’ll set you off on a renewable energy lifestyle with a complete, turnkey solar solution. From free site evaluations to helping you choose the system that’s right for your needs, to assisting you with permits, we keep the entire process in-house, from start to finish. GVEC Solar Services will install your system and show you how to get maximum value from it, including through the use of home energy monitoring and the addition of Tesla Powerwall battery storage. All our systems include a 10-year warranty on installation and 25 years on the system. To get started powering your home with renewable energy or to learn more, call us today at 855.898.8807.

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