Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall in Seguin, TXIf you need solar panel removal in Seguin, TX, call the professionals from GVEC Solar Services! Solar power is great as a backup when inclement weather hits the area and power outages occur. There are over 300 days of sunshine on average in South Central Texas. It is why many Seguin homeowners have added solar systems to their homes. However, sometimes our area is prone to experience inclement weather that may cause damage to roofs where solar panels are installed. If you need to replace or repair your roof, solar panel removal may be needed. When you’re removing or ready to add the panels back to your roof, professional solar removal and reinstall are recommended as the previous installation points were likely covered over or sealed.

Seguin’s Professional Solar Panel Removal Company

Did you know that solar panels can be removed and reinstalled? Often called uninstalling and reinstalling, GVEC Solar Services does both! If solar panel removal needs to occur so that construction work or repairs can be completed, we’re here for you. Sometimes people move into a new home and decide they don’t like the current solar system and need to get it removed. While it is not impossible to DIY the process, it is cumbersome enough that it is a job best left to the pros. Often holes are drilled into roofs to hold lag bolts and covered with flashing and special attention must be paid to ensure those are properly sealed and covered. If a new roof has been installed, it is not as simple as going back and using the previous mounting holes to do a solar reinstall as those will have been sealed and covered up as part of roof repair and/or replacement.

Reasons why it is worth having your solar reinstall done professionally:
  • Existing holes sealed up or covered over
  • Improvement over layout when reinstalling
  • Reinstall is akin to installing a new system
  • Ensure your new roof remains looking like new and in good condition

Solar Reinstall Services for Seguin

All of our solar services are specific to each customer’s specific needs. Even if they were installed by another company, sometimes we can design or arrange things a bit differently in order to boost solar production or output. If you’re working with an insurance adjuster, give us a call so we can be part of the claims team and provide accurate quotes and estimates to ensure your claim is processed speedily and accurately. When we show up to the job, we are coming with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and decades of experience, specialization and expertise. We may have evolved since 1938, but we still have that small-town feel at GVEC Solar Services for all of your solar needs.
Solar Reinstall Services for Seguin
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