Solar Repair in Hallettsville, TXGVEC Solar Services is a well-established solar panel repair company serving Hallettsville, TX. Our company has been improving the quality of life in Lavaca County with reliable electrical connections since 1938. When you need a solar repair, you can rely on the decades of knowledge and experience our team brings with them. We’re local pioneers in the power industry. In 2013, we began providing solar services to local residents. Today, we serve one of the largest concentrations of solar energy services in the state.

At GVEC Solar Services, delivering timely solar repairs and solar services is just the beginning of what we do. Not only do we provide dependable utilities to our neighbors, we respond to their needs in other ways, too.

We serve our local community by:
  • Awarding Power Up grants to low-income families
  • Hosting first responder electrical safety training
  • Operating as an active member of the Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce
  • Recognizing dedicated local residents with service awards

Dependable Repairs on Residential Panels

Properly fixing damaged solar panels requires a skilled team of technicians. You can count on us for complete repairs from start-to-finish. Our repair team will work to ensure the longevity of the products they update for you. If you notice physical damage on a panel, let us know. Many solar panels are covered by a long-term warranty. If that’s true for your property, fixing a panel that qualifies could be an option. We can also take care of problem panels that aren’t generating power for you or show signs of continual performance loss.

You can turn to us for assistance with cracked panels, hot spots, and panel contamination. We can also identify delamination, moisture leaks, and potential pockets of internal corrosion.

Technicians we send to you can make repairs to:

GVEC Solar Technician in Texas

  • Custom panel configurations
  • High-efficiency solar products
  • Panels under warranty
  • Standard solar panels

Power Up to Save Money

You added solar panels to your home for a good reason. We want you to continue saving money on monthly energy costs and sharing your excess power with the community. That’s why we deliver solar repairs designed to meet your requirements easily and without worry. Our goal is to make a difference in your day-to-day experience with safe repairs you can trust.

We can test your connection to the local power grid to make sure your panels are operating correctly. Call GVEC Solar Services today to schedule a solar panel repair for your property in Hallettsville. We will happily answer any questions you may have about solar power and our solar installation services.