In recent years, there’s been a rise in consumers’ interests to have more control over their home energy. While renewable energy resources and technology like solar panels and battery storage are immediately available and common to help energy customers with this goal, microgrids may become more common in the future. But what is a microgrid, how do they work, and how are solar and battery storage part of the future of microgrid energy?

Understanding Microgrids

As the name suggests, microgrids are small, local power grids that can operate autonomously from larger regional or national power delivery systems. They feature local power generation capabilities and can continue to deliver power when the traditional grid fails.

Although microgrids are not very common, they’ve existed for some time. In the past, microgrids often relied on locally placed gas-powered generators to provide an uninterruptable power source. Today, though, solar power generation and battery storage are more affordable and environmentally friendly options.

Why Solar and Battery Storage Is Optimal for Microgrids

One of the key failings of microgrids has been that they haven’t scaled very well to meet the needs of local power consumers. Adding additional loads meant upgrading large and costly gas-powered generators. And in certain types of emergencies, it wasn’t always possible to keep those generators running.

Lately, however, the cost-per-watt of solar power generation has become more affordable, and battery storage technology has improved as well. That means, in some instances, it may become possible to rely on solar power 24 hours per day, making it a good fit for microgrids.

Microgrids Are Expandable

Best of all, microgrids that rely on solar and battery storage may be easy to expand. Any available rooftop has the potential to become the site for additional solar panels, and battery storage is compact enough to place on-site. In that configuration, it’s feasible to imagine each building becoming its own microgrid or participating in a microgrid spanning a larger area.

Readying for Microgrid Capabilities

At GVEC Solar Services, we can help you design a solar panel and battery storage system to fit your energy needs. This may inspire you to look forward to considering your options for microgrid capabilities in the future. Our team provides a range of solar services alongside internet, electrical, cooling, and heating services in Gonzales, Seguin and surrounding areas throughout South Central Texas. Contact us today for more information.

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