Enphase IQ battery installation in garageEnphase IQ battery systems stand out as a cutting-edge solution for homeowners looking to maximize their solar energy usage and minimize reliance on traditionally sourced electricity.

With the Enphase App, Enphase IQ Battery owners have seamless integration and control. Advanced features like Storm Guard prepare the battery for severe weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding against power outages. Additionally, the IQ Load Controller enables users to prioritize critical appliances during power shortages, effectively managing energy distribution and optimizing battery usage for maximum efficiency.


Save & Earn with Enphase and Peak-Time Payback

Being mindful of energy demand and consumption during times of high-use cycles in extremely hot or cold weather not only helps people save on their own electric bills; it helps electricity providers keep their rates steady, benefitting their entire consumer base. GVEC appreciates their members’ efforts in conservation practices, so they reward energy-saving efforts through Peak-Time Payback.

Close up of Enphase IQ batteryPeak-Time Payback is a demand response program that helps GVEC members with Enphase IQ batteries make the most of their investment. By simply enrolling in the program and using stored power from their batteries during peak demand periods, participants earn money. Participants receive generous bill credits upon signing up and continue to receive annual credits each year they remain enrolled.

Learn more about Peak-Time Payback at gvec.org/peak-time-payback/.