Installing solar panels on your Gonzales, Texas home will limit your reliance on traditionally sourced power alone. Although solar panel installation is unlikely to get you completely off-grid, it will give you many energy- and money-saving advantages. Best of all, when you pair your solar panels with battery storage, you can maximize your savings, safely power your home in the event of a power outage and enjoy greater peace of mind. Read on to find out more.

Get Backup Power When You Need It

Solar panels work for consumers all throughout the daylight hours. However, when the sun sets or if a power outage occurs, panels stop producing energy. This leaves homes absent of an alternative power supply during nighttime hours and outages, no matter how much energy was produced during the day. Having battery storage as part of your solar installation will eliminate this problem. Battery storage stores excess power produced when the sun is out to continue providing power when the sun goes down or if the power goes out.

Get More Value From Your Solar System

Most consumers get the best returns from their solar panels in the summer when their kids are home from school and their air conditioners are constantly in use. During autumn, winter and spring, your home may consume less electricity as solar panels are producing it. Without battery storage, excess energy is fed back onto the power grid. If you install a battery storage system, the energy that your solar panels harness throughout the day can be used to power your nighttime activities, too. Rather than paying your utility provider for the electricity that’s necessary to cook food, keep the lights on, and power your TVs or other electronics, you can take advantage of the renewable energy that’s been stored.

In this way, batteries serve a critical role in helping people become less grid-reliant. The more energy that houses are able to retain for periods when their solar panels aren’t actively harnessing new solar energy, the less that they’ll pay in home energy bills overall.

Avoid Peak Rates

To allow customers to take more control and help encourage mindfulness of energy consumption, many utility companies, including GVEC, have implemented peak and off-peak rates for solar customers. GVEC calls its program “Time of Use” billing. TOU rates are based on the weighted average wholesale power supply and real-time power costs. GVEC solar members enrolled in TOU will receive lower rates for consumption outside of peak-time hours and slightly higher rates for energy used during peaking time frames. This billing program pairs wonderfully with battery storage by allowing members to tap into stored energy during peak-time hours, surging the annual savings possible with TOU to even greater heights.

At GVEC Solar Services, we’re committed to helping residents of Gonzales experience the benefits of solar energy. We provide solar and battery storage installation, maintenance, and repair services. We’re certified installers of Tesla Powerwall batteries. We also offer solar removal and reinstallation. We’ve been proudly serving residents of South Central Texas since 2013. To find out more about adding battery storage to your home’s solar system, call GVEC Solar Services today.

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