Time of Use billing enables electric companies to charge Less for electricity consumption during Non-peak periods. This billing method is designed to help consumers become more mindful of their energy usage.

During peak time, time of use generally bills electricity at a slightly high rate to help create energy efficient habits. These time periods usually range between 3-9 p.m. During summer months in South Central Texas. However, one way to keep these costs for the energy you consume during these times to a minimum is to use solar energy and battery storage.

What Is Solar Battery Storage?

Most people understand that using solar panels can help reduce your utility bill. However, the main drawback of solar energy is that you are unable to create any additional energy when the sun isn’t shining. You can overcome this by using solar battery storage, which enables you to store the solar energy that’s generated during the day. Investing in solar battery storage makes it possible for you to use this energy during peak hours, which can help to lower your utility bill when participating in a Time of Use program.

Additional Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage also offers plenty of other benefits for homeowners. For example, using this technology can help you keep your lights on if you are ever dealing with a power outage. Solar battery storage is also great for limiting the amount of energy you have to purchase when the sun goes down, even if you’re not enrolled in a Time of use billing, as it helps to cover your energy consumption when your panels aren’t producing energy.

Learn More About Solar Energy

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