When choosing a solar energy system, whether for residential or commercial, prospective buyers naturally have many questions. What type and size solar panels should you use? What brand? How big a system do you need for your sustainable energy goals? Should you choose a ground- or roof-based system?

One important factor many customers may not think of when purchasing a system is the orientation of the panels upon install—which direction should they face? What side of the roof should you place them on if you choose a rooftop system? You have choices regarding panel types and brands, and system size, of course, but what about the placement of the panels?

Optimal Direction for Solar Panels

Conventional wisdom holds that solar panels should always face south for maximum exposure to solar energy. It’s true that owning a solar power system in a generally sunny climate and that positioning the panels to face south may generate the greatest amount of power at one time. It’s also true, however, that factors like the cost of energy in your area and any financial incentives you may be eligible for will affect your actual solar energy savings more than placement alone.

Positioning solar panels to face east or west will still garner significant annual savings. In comparison to a southerly facing direction, an east or west orientation will result, on average, in a roughly 20-percent decrease in the amount of energy generated. This means your solar panels will still produce large amounts of electricity and still save significant amounts of money every year.

Advantages of Even Solar Accruals

Some countries advise residents to place solar panels east or west in order to avoid an overabundance of power surges during midday, which can overwhelm the power grid and cause disruptions. Some studies have shown that west or east orientation can actually generate more solar energy than a south-facing system, especially in the afternoon. With especially large power grids, solar panel systems with power outputs that spike in the afternoon can help offset systems with outputs that spike at midday. This can help keep power evenly distributed throughout the area grid.

At GVEC Solar Services, we generally try to place panels in a southerly facing direction. However, if this orientation isn’t workable for your situation, a solar panel system is still an extremely worthwhile investment in our area. South Central Texas enjoys an abundance of beautiful sunny days—perfect weather for any solar orientation. Current panel technology is highly efficient, too, so you can rest assured knowing you get maximum performance from your system no matter what direction it faces.

Go with the Experts for Your Solar System

GVEC Solar Services has offered top-of-the-line solar panel systems throughout South Central Texas since 2013 while offering expert advice on solar for residential and commercial uses. In 2017, we launched GVEC Solar Services and began installing our solar panel systems, creating a complete, turnkey solution for customers. We recently added Tesla Powerwall sales and installation to our solar lineup, allowing customers more options for getting maximum value from their solar systems. Our experts are committed to serving you honestly and reliably, making the entire solar process easy on your pocket and time, and easy to understand. We’ll help with permitting and rebates and assist you with finding any government incentives. We’ll also help get you set up to sell any unused power generated by your panels back to GVEC Solar Services. To learn more or get started, call GVEC Solar Services today at 855.898.8807.

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