The solar industry stands to benefit greatly from forging productive partnerships with local governments to achieve resilience, equity, and sustainability goals. Here are key ways in which local governments are fostering solar adoption.

1. Incentive Programs for Solar Adoption

Local governments offer diverse incentive programs such as tax credits, rebates, and grants to reduce the initial costs of solar installations, making it both environmentally and financially appealing.

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2. Solar-Friendly Zoning Policies

Many cities are revising building codes and regulations to simplify the permitting process for solar installations, eliminating bureaucratic obstacles and encouraging widespread adoption of solar energy.

3. Community Solar Programs

Community solar initiatives, like GVEC’s SunHub™ program, allow residents without suitable roofs for solar panels or the ability to purchase or finance their own solar array to access clean energy by subscribing to larger solar projects within their area.

4. Educational Initiatives on Solar Benefits

Many local governments are funding awareness campaigns to educate residents and businesses on the advantages of solar power, debunking myths and showcasing cost savings and environmental benefits through workshops, webinars, and information campaigns.
Being informed enables you to decide on transitioning towards cleaner energy. As a result, you can compare solar energy and other forms of energy used in your home or business.

5. Net Metering Policies

Net metering policies, supported by local governments, allow solar system owners to feed excess energy into the grid and receive energy bill credits, contributing to grid stability and promoting the use of clean energy sources. Solar panel system owners may also choose to install battery storage options to save unused energy produced for use when the sun is not shining. This allows them to purchase less electricity, and electricity providers may even offer demand response programs that offer further bill credits—like GVEC’s Peak-Time Payback program, compatible with Enphase Battery IQ systems.

When it comes to initiatives to help increase the money- and energy-saving benefits solar solutions offer, collaboration between stakeholders, including local governments, is crucial.. Local governments play a significant role in supporting these.

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