Solar panels are great energy-saving devices. They absorb energy from the sun and transfer it to a power grid to be used as electricity. Solar panels can be used at homes or commercial locations. As a solar panel owner, you should know how to maintain your solar panel system regularly to keep it running smoothly. To help you maintain your solar panel, here are some tips.

Inspecting and Cleaning the Solar Panels

The photovoltaic cells should be the first item you check. Inspecting for residue or sunlight blocking debris and checking for damage is essential. This may be difficult for some home and business owners with solar panel systems. Luckily, GVEC offers the Solar Spec Check maintenance program, so owners don’t have to rely solely on their own limited knowledge.

Cleaning the Roof and Frame

Keeping your solar panel system tidy and in good working order is essential. In truth, it is sometimes the deciding factor in how long the solar cells last, how effectively they perform or both. As a first step, you should inspect your roof for any glaring issues that need fixing immediately. Grass cuttings and foliage can accumulate around the borders of your rooftop array and prevent the panels from being exposed to sufficient light, resulting in less efficient power generation.

Observe the panels closely for signs of filth or thick layers of dust if you notice residue has accumulated around your system’s perimeter. You could use a sprayer to clean them but be cautious not to soak the internal electronics. And remember to disconnect the electricity before cleaning the screens. You can clear your system from the inside out if nothing external to your system interferes with the sunshine.

Testing the Electrical Connections

Regular maintenance is essential, no matter how long or short you’ve been using your photovoltaic system. It can be easy to forget about checking the arrays from when they were first installed. This includes checking your systems electrical components. Without the knowledge and skills of a professional electrician, this may be out of the typical homeowners league. However, it’s important to ensure your system is producing energy at an optimal level.

This is another reason enrolling in GVEC’s Solar Spec Check program may be a good idea. This two-year plan includes an annual visit from us for comprehensive cleaning and fully documented inspection. Not only does Solar Spec Check help to keep your panels looking and operating their best; the program also helps to maintain your system’s efficiency and boost panel durability.

GVEC Solar Services has been in the business of electricity for over 80 years in South Central Texas and provides the highest quality goods and services to our clients. Regarding solar panel system maintenance, we’re your local experts. Our non-commissioned staff will always work to exceed your expectations.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of maintaining your solar panel system. Call us to help protect your solar investment with GVEC Solar Spec Check!

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