Going solar will lower your electricity bill while increasing your home’s value. New homeowners will likely be attracted to homes with solar panels. Despite common misconceptions, winter is a good time for solar panel installations. Solar panels work effectively throughout the year, despite cloud cover and cold weather. Solar panels only absorb the light from the sun, not the heat. This means that solar panels will generate electricity as long as there is sunlight. There are several reasons to go solar during the winter.

Availability During Winter

Summer tends to be a busy time of the year for solar panel installation companies. Installations and scheduling consultations during winter are sometimes easier if the company is less busy than in summer and spring. Going solar during the winter also means the installation will not interfere with any summer vacation plans.

Installation Time

Getting your solar panels installed during winter means you will be set in time for spring. Therefore, when the days start growing longer as we approach springtime, you’ll produce even more energy and potentially increase your savings on electricity even more.

Be Prepared for the Future

You will use the A/C more during the summer, but winter means being indoors more and using heat. This means that lights and electronics will run longer during winter. Because of this and because heating a home uses more energy that cooling it, electricity bills may tend to rise during winter. If you begin installation during the early winter days, the system produce significant wintertime savings for your household.

If you have been considering installing solar panels for your home, contact GVEC Solar Services. We provide solar panel installation services as well as battery storage to the people of South Central Texas. Our aim is to ensure our customers have quality products, with each system custom designed to maximize efficiency.

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