If you’re a homeowner in Moulton, TX, who owns solar panels, you might want to consider pairing solar battery storage with your rooftop system to save even more money on electric bills. Although rooftop solar panels by themselves can significantly decrease monthly electric bills, solar panel batteries store the excess energy for later use, creating the potential for even greater savings from your solar investment. In other words, adding reliable solar battery storage to a panel system can help you achieve maximum value from your solar investment.

High Quality Solar Battery Storage for Your Home in Moulton

Imagine you get a home ready to watch your favorite tv show, but your home is hit by an unexpected power outage. Not only are you denied watching your show, but you also can no longer use essential appliances and systems that rely on a dependable flow of electricity. From your refrigerator to your dishwasher, water heater, electric oven, furnace and more, without electricity, many of life’s routine activities get put on hold. But when you have a solar system paired with solar battery storage, you won’t need to worry as much about the inconveniences of power outages.

The main function of solar batteries is to store excess energy generated by solar panels when power demand is lower than the amount generated. This mainly happens during the day when many homes are empty while residents are busy at work and school. This unused energy gets stored in the battery, allowing you access to clean, renewable solar electricity even at night, on cloudy days or other times when your solar system might not produce enough power. Solar battery systems also give you added control over energy consumption, allowing you to use excess solar energy instead of selling it to your electricity provider. Moreover, solar panel battery storage systems are whisper quiet, so your neighbors won’t be disturbed when your battery provides dependable backup power during an outage.

Below are four reasons why every homeowner in Moulton should install a solar panel battery storage system:

  • Greater energy security
  • Enhanced value from a solar panel investment
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced electric bills

Your Professional Solar Panel Battery Storage Company

At GVEC Solar Services, we are proud to provide Moulton residents with reliable solar services and products. If you own a home solar panel system and are interested in adding a solar battery storage system, we have the tools and experts to help you accomplish your power-saving goals. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for honest communication and ethical behavior while serving our customers. Our team of professional, fully licensed electricians are experts in solar battery installation and are certified Tesla Powerwall installers.

We stand behind the solar batteries we sell and install, too, with 10-year warranties on parts and labor. Our team is committed to helping you get maximum value from your investment in solar battery storage and helping ensure your system operates dependably and optimally for many years.

Call GVEC Solar Services today to learn more about the benefits of solar battery storage in Moulton, TX!