If you are already using solar energy in Yorktown, TX, you’ve most likely heard of solar battery storage. One thing most people will agree on is that solar panel systems are a great way to save on energy costs. However, solar panels are only able to produce energy when the sun is shining—luckily, we have over 300 days of sunshine in South Central Texas! With the invention of solar battery storage, you can store the excess solar energy that your panels produce instead of going back onto the grid. You can then use the stored power in the evening when there is a higher energy demand, and your solar panels aren’t producing electricity. At GVEC Solar Services, we are able to provide you with the best solar panel battery storage in Yorktown, including Tesla Powerwall.

Solar Battery Storage for Your Home in Yorktown

Storing the surplus solar energy produced when your home needs the least amount of electricity allows you to make the most out of your solar panel system. This results in significant cost savings because you don’t have to buy as much electricity from your utility provider when the sun isn’t shining. Solar panel battery storage also ensures you have an undisrupted power supply even if power outages occur in your area of Yorktown.

Solar energy is used as it’s produced. If your solar panel system produces more energy than your home is using at any moment, that energy goes back onto the electric grid—unless you pair your solar panels with battery storage. A solar battery storage system can also enable you to monitor the power generated by your solar panels and specify how much you want to store. This provides you with an enhanced level of precision and transparency because these systems allow you to track the energy produced and how much you use in real-time.

Here are 4 more reasons why you should consider using solar battery storage:

  • A quiet, safe backup power solution
  • Increased savings on monthly energy bills
  • Simple monitoring and enhanced control
  • Ability to integrate renewable energy
  • Your Solar Panel Battery Storage Experts

    For all your solar panel battery storage needs in Yorktown, GVEC Solar Services has everything you need under one roof. Besides providing long-lasting and customizable solar panels, we also offer solar batteries that suit your diverse needs. In fact, our team is Tesla Powerwall Certified installers, so if you want to use the Tesla Powerwall as your energy backup solution, we are here for you.

    Our non-commissioned energy solutions specialists will listen to your needs and expectations to help custom design a system that’s right for you. We’ll never try to upsell you, and we stand behind the work we do.

    If you have a solar panel system and want to install solar battery storage in Yorktown, get in touch with GVEC Solar Services today. We’ll be glad to serve you.