Solar Maintenance in Cibolo, TXDid you know that signing up for solar maintenance in Cibolo, TX, can provide you with a wide range of benefits? Cibolo is a great place for homeowners to harvest the free energy of the sun using solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Regular maintenance will help keep your solar panel system operating with optimal functionality. Our team at GVEC Solar Services has you covered when it comes to professional solar panel maintenance with our Solar Spec Check program.

Dependable Solar Panel Maintenance in Cibolo

Solar panel maintenance is a must to keep your panels clean and working at their best. You’ll be able to rest easy after we perform maintenance knowing that your home’s energy supply won’t be hindered by dirty or damaged panels. Whether you need a detailed inspection or cleaning to ensure that your panels are getting all the sunlight they can, we’ve got you covered. Trusting the most dependable solar maintenance company in Cibolo means that you know the job will be done right.

Benefits of inspection and cleaning services that we provide include:

  • Maintaining system efficiency
  • Boosting panel durability
  • Receiving a quality inspection during washing
  • Keeping your solar panels looking their best

Sign Up For the Solar Spec Check Plan!

Sign Up For the Solar Spec Check Plan!At GVEC Solar Services, we offer a two-year solar panel maintenance plan for residential solar panels. The Solar Spec Check plan includes an annual visit with alternating services for cleaning and ascertaining that the system is in good working order. We focus on comprehensive system cleaning the first year and checking that each panel is securely in place. In the second year, we repeat the complete cleaning and also perform a fully documented complete system inspection, including scanning panels with infrared equipment to ensure functionality and verify.

If our techs find problems with your solar panel system, we’ll work with you to get them fixed, ensuring repairs are done under warranty when possible. We offer fair, transparent pricing, and we’ll gladly explain the scope of the work and answer any questions you may have. And remember, if something breaks between your annual inspections, call us right away, and we’ll come to fix it! We have flexible appointments to fit your schedule.

Local Solar Maintenance Company

The GVEC Solar Services roots run deep in Cibolo, and we take pride in developing customer relationships. We’ve been in the heating/cooling industry for over 50 years and have delivered dependable, efficient electricity in the Guadalupe Valley since 1938. While electrical technology has changed in that time, our passion for embracing leading-edge technology and techniques hasn’t. Our customers benefit from our experience, and we can’t wait to add you to our list! We began selling solar panel equipment in 2013, and since then, we’ve become a leading company for solar service in South Central Texas!

Reliable service, fair pricing, and commitment to customer care make GVEC Solar Services stand out from the rest. When you need professional solar panel maintenance in Cibolo, give us a call!