Solar ServicesLiving in Texas, you’ve probably learned that energy can sometimes be in short supply. Cibolo, TX residents should consider investing in their energy future by making renewable-energy renovations to their homes. One such renovation can be the addition of solar panels. In fact, solar services are one of the best ways to modernize your Cibolo, TX home and make it ready for future energy demands. The truth is, solar panel installation can help you save money now and in the future in your Cibolo home if you take advantage of the opportunities they present.

Expert Solar Services in Cibolo

The most noticeable benefit of a home solar panel system is, of course, a lower monthly electric bill. Solar power compliments regular electricity, and can supply quite a bit of power to your Cibolo home. However, beyond reducing electric bills and conserving energy, solar services can actually enhance the value of your home. Right now, you can get a 26% federal solar tax credit when you purchase home solar panels. Installing panels can instantly increase your home’s value too; but they will likely increase it even more over time as energy costs rise, making solar a smart renovation to make on your home.

GVEC’s primary solar services include:

GVEC’s noncommissioned solar solutions specialists will help you determine the optimal solar design and layout for your home. Taking your budgetary and energy needs into consideration, they’ll work with you to create an individualized solar solution that balances overall system costs with electricity production and savings on your bill. They’ll break down all the associated costs and estimate how much you could save on electricity bills.

Solar Solutions Specialists You Can Trust

Solar Solutions Specialists You Can TrustIf you’re seriously considering solar services in Cibolo, GVEC should be your first choice. If you have questions about the value of solar services—or any other question about solar—we invite you to call and talk to a solar solutions specialist.

For over 83 years, our company has helped customers throughout the Guadalupe Valley with their electricity needs, and we are proud to now be one of the leading providers of solar energy solutions in the region. From installation to solar repair and solar battery storage, no one knows more about solar energy in South Central Texas than GVEC. We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have about home solar or battery storage solutions. For more information about our solar services in Cibolo, call GVEC today at 855.898.8807.