GVEC Solar Services is a reliable solar panel company that provides professional solar services to the residents of La Vernia, TX. As the world places greater emphasis on less expensive, less costly renewable energy resources, solar energy is becoming more popular.

GVEC Solar Services was founded as an electric cooperative back in 1938. Our goal then, much as it is today, is delivering products and services to underserved rural communities. Over the years, we’ve expanded from electricity to AC/heating products and services, internet delivery, electrical work, and, of course, solar energy and battery storage solutions.

We launched our solar offerings in 2013, adding in-house installation of solar units in 2017 through our team of licensed professional electricians. In the time since, our solar panel business has grown, and we’ve recently begun offering battery storage solutions, which make solar an even stronger investment. To make our solar process easier and more accessible for our customers, we provide special offers and exclusive financing options, including an on-bill payment option for members of the electric cooperative.