Now is a great time to begin your transition to clean, renewable solar energy in La Vernia, TX. For certified solar panel installation, choose GVEC Solar Services. We feature certified solar installers and high-quality solar system panels and battery storage units. We help customers design a system that will meet their energy needs and save on electric bills for many years to come.

Solar Panel Installation in La Vernia, TX

Once we install your solar panels, you can begin to save substantially on your monthly electric bills. This savings will pay for the cost of your panels and solar installation within a few years of ownership. After that, the savings can really add up—especially if you pair one of these systems with a home battery solution. Plus, by opting for solar power, you can contribute to a cleaner environment and add value to your home.

Licensed Solar Panel Installation in La Vernia

GVEC Solar Services can provide you with a professional, completely in-house solar experience— including solar panel installation—from start to finish. Our noncommissioned solar solutions specialists will help you design a home solar panel system that fits your energy needs, lifestyle and budget.

Our team of fully licensed professional electricians do solar panel installation in La Vernia safely, correctly and efficiently. They’ll answer all your questions along the way and help you understand how to operate your new system and achieve maximum value with it. We’re sufficiently confident in every home solar panel system we install and sell that we provide a 25-year warranty on all parts and 10 years on labor.

In addition to solar installation, our complete turnkey in-house solar buying process includesthe following:
  • Free site inspection and consultation
  • Free quote for a custom designed system, including solar installation
  • Assistance with helping you find any rebates for which you might be entitled
  • Assistance with permits and homeowners association approvals
  • Professional solar panel installation
  • Set up for energy monitoring from a PC and/or handheld device

We make the installation process as stress-free as possible. Our solar power technicians can also provide maintenance solutions after your system is installed.

Valuable Solar Installation

Valuable Solar InstallationGVEC Solar Services has delivered services in La Vernia and other area communities since 1938. In 2013, we expanded to offer home solar panel systems. In 2017, we brought solar panel installation in-house. Our team of fully-licensed professional electricians completes installation of every solar panel system we sell. There are never any outside contractors involved in our turnkey process, so if you ever need help with or have questions about your system, you’ll never wonder who to call.

We source high-quality, efficient, and affordable solar panels for our customers. Our solar installation installers are experienced electricians, ensuring they have the training and expertise needed to deliver our solar solutions. If you’re thinking about purchasing solar panels, you can consult with us about the installation process and what you can expect to save on your monthly energy costs.

For sales and professional solar panel installation in La Vernia, rely on GVEC Solar Services. We stand by the quality of our panels and solar installation workmanship with our service guarantees—including a 25-year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor.