Are Solar Panels Worth It in Shiner, TX? Yes!

solar power shiner txWith the price of non-renewable energy resources on the rise, the benefits of solar energy are becoming increasingly obvious to many residents of this beautiful area of Texas. And GVEC Solar Services is proud to provide all the solar services you require for the installation of your very own home solar panels:

  • Free consultation, quotes, and assessments for alternative energy sources with solar panels
  • Complete solar panel installation
  • Durable products and equipment, which require little maintenance
  • Assistance saving money with tax credits and rebates

How Much Can You Save With Solar Energy Powering Your Home?

GVEC Solar Services’s goal is to save you money by providing you with the many advantages of solar power. Alternative energy sources are the wave of the future, with our average customer saving $40–$60 per month on their electric bill!

Through December 31st, 2022, you can receive a federal tax credit of 26% (read more about the tax credit here)

GVEC Members connected to the grid can even sell their excess energy back to GVEC at wholesale price!

Quality Alternative Energy Products for Your Shiner, TX Home

 Solar Panels Installation ShinerGVEC Solar Services is proud to offer the best solar panels on the market. Our products are designed to stand the test of time and require little maintenance. Long lasting and weather resistant, our premium installations will last decades while providing the highest energy output in the industry.

Choose the Best Solar Company in Texas

GVEC Solar Services is proud to be the #1 resource for Shiner, TX residents who need a home solar system or solar repair. The clean energy we can provide you with is easy to use, safe for the environment, and extremely affordable!

Ready to lower your energy bills and install or solar panels on your home?

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