Solar ServicesWhen it comes to renewable energy solutions, no solar panel company in Shiner, TX or anywhere else in South Central Texas is more reliable, more trusted than GVEC. Shiner residents can significantly reduce their electric bills by generating electricity onsite with a solar panel solution from GVEC. Renewable, beautiful Shiner sunshine is available, on average, over 300 days a year, waiting for a home panel system to convert it into usable electricity.

GVEC was founded in 1938 as an electricity provider to underserved rural areas in the Guadalupe Valley. We’ve since expanded into AC/heating products and services, internet delivery, electrical work and, of course, solar panel installations and sales, and battery storage solutions. We’re currently one of the top solar panel companies in South Central Texas. We offer affordable, long-lasting solar panel systems that can be paired with battery storage to deliver even greater returns from a solar energy investment.

Experienced Solar Panel Company in Shiner

GVEC has vast experience in energy solutions. Our solar services also help potential customers through special offers and financing options in association with Greensky Financial. Besides the obvious benefit of reduced electricity costs, a solar energy renovation to your home will help increase the value of your property. This can be an especially handy benefit if you anticipate selling your home in the future. Additionally, if you pair a GVEC solar panel system with a battery storage solution, you’ll not only save even more money on your electric bill, but also be able to power your home with self-sustainable energy during power outages.

Our solar services listed below ensure that you never have to consider another solar company in South Central Texas.

GVEC’s team of solar professionals is experienced and deliver high-quality services. They will make sure to provide proper guidance throughout all stages of our in-house, turnkey solar process. From consultation to installation, final quality tests, product support and more, we’ll keep you informed and in charge every step of the way.

Your Trustworthy Solar Company in South Central Texas

Solar Solutions Specialists You Can TrustWe offer 25-year solar performance and 10-year installation warranties to help assure 100% customer satisfaction. At GVEC, we work to deliver the highest standard of services and the most durable, dependable solar panel equipment available. Our panels are designed to endure severe weather conditions.

We also offer special deals and financing options that make paying for a solar panel solution easier and more convenient. Solar buyers who also get electricity from the Cooperative are eligible for on-bill financing with approved credit—that way, you can pay for your solar panels each month with your electric bill. GVEC’s solar solutions specialists can help you understand your financing options while also helping design a solar panel system that balances your budgetary needs with your energy lifestyle.

For a free, no-obligation quote, call GVEC today at 855.898.8807 or fill out a contact form. We’ll help you get started on a renewable energy lifestyle.