With the growing popularity of residential solar, solar scams are becoming more common in cities across the country. To avoid becoming a victim of one of these scams, there are a few tips to follow.

If it Sounds Too Good to be True…

Some solar companies feel the need to make outlandish claims or unkeepable promises in order to make the sale. For instances, one such claim is totally eliminating your monthly electricity bill. The truth is, for most homeowners in South Central Texas, an average-sized solar panel system won’t achieve this goal. While it could be technically possible, you must ensure you have information you can trust to understand all the factors of making it happen.

Watch Out for the Upsell

Many solar sales companies work on commission. That means they’re more interested in selling you their most expensive items or even more products than you actually need. A solar company with noncommissioned representatives is more likely to listen to your needs and expectations, and they’ll work with you to find a solar panel system that fits comfortably into your budget.

Always Work With a Local, Reputable Company

Choosing a reputable, local company to install your system is the biggest factor in avoiding solar scams. Pick a familiar company with several years of experience and reviews from other homeowners who have installed systems with them. You can check out reviews for local companies on online review sites and the company’s website to ensure that other customers have had a good experience when working with them.

GVEC is a Name Known for Delivering Dependable Excellence

GVEC has built a reputation over the last 80 years for delivering dependable electricity and top-quality, modern, energy-efficient solutions in South Central Texas—including solar panel systems and battery storage options like Tesla Powerwall. Our non-commissioned solar solution specialists have the knowledge to answer all your questions without creating unrealistic expectations. They can also help design a customized, budget-friendly solar solution that, over time, will pay you back in energy savings many times over. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. And whether you partner with GVEC on a renewable energy lifestyle or not, we’re always here to help sort fact from promises that are too good to be true.

Reach Out to a Reputable Company Today

GVEC Solar Services specializes in delivering products and services that empower the people and communities we serve. Now one of the leading alternative energy retailers in solar services within Texas, we design, install, repair and maintain solar panel systems. We also offer internet, electrician, and heating and cooling services in Gonzales and other communities throughout South Central Texas. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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