Solar power is an attractive endeavor to make powering your home more cost-effective and energy efficient. As great as solar power is, though, you may wonder if you could be doing more to be even more efficient. Consider these five tips for optimizing the benefits of your solar panel system and continue reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources.

Use a Battery Storage Solution

Solar panel systems work well in South Central Texas, with over 300 days of sunshine. However, what happens during the evening when the sun isn’t out? What if the power goes out or it’s too cloudy to produce all the power you need? You may not realize it, but most solar panel systems shut down during a power outage to prevent issues with dangerous back-feeding to de-energized lines.

The best way to avoid power interruptions with a solar panel system is to use a battery storage solution. Battery storage systems work by storing the energy you’re not using to the capacity of the battery. Then, when your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy on their own, your battery kicks in. Even if you only use solar to offset the amount of electricity you’re drawing from the grid, a battery helps protect you against power outages without the use of a fuel-burning generator.

One of the best backup battery options on the market is the Tesla Powerwall. Each of these units is capable of storing 13.5 kWh of power, and its 10-year warranty has no limit on usage cycles. GVEC sells and is a Tesla Certified Installer of Powerwall.

Clean Your Panels Regularly

In order for your solar panels to generate power, the solar rays must be able to reach the panel itself. Of course, shade blocks rays from hitting the panels, but dust and dirt can also create barriers. Even if you don’t get a lot of dust in the area, rain can bring airborne contaminants down eventually leaving your panels quite dirty.

Add your solar panels to your routine cleaning schedule. Keep an eye on your power input, and if you notice it starting to drop, consider cleaning your panels. In most homes, cleaning them yearly is sufficient.

Solar Spec Check from GVEC
Luckily, you don’t have to climb on your roof to clean your panels. GVEC can do the dirty work for you. The Solar Spec Check plan from GVEC is a two-year plan with one visit per year.
Both visits include cleaning your panels to help maintain your system’s efficiency and boost your panels’ durability. The second visit also includes a fully-documented and complete system inspection. This can help find any problems that may still be covered under warranty in time to remedy them.

When people around New Braunfels think about solar power, they turn to GVEC Solar Services. Our team of experts custom design, install and maintain solar panel systems We also provide AC/heating and professional electrician services and high-speed internet. Call to schedule your consultation with one of our Energy Solutions Specialists today.

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