Each year, you might be seeing more and more solar panels and battery storage systems on homes around your neighborhood. This makes sense as many people see the financial benefit of creating and storing energy produced by the sun to power their homes. You may have some questions about solar panels and battery storage, though. One common question is, “What do solar panels do at night?”

No Charging at Night

Technically, solar panels do what many of us do at night—they rest. Solar panels depend on sunlight to create energy. Because the moon and artificial sources of light don’t put out a significant level of solar radiation as sunlight does, the solar panels are not able to create electricity when the sun is not out. So, do the solar panels just rest at night?

Basically, yes. They go into sleep mode and are inactive during the time after sunset and before sunrise. However, for homes with battery storage, just because the solar panels go to sleep doesn’t mean all after-dark energy consumption must be purchased from electricity providers until sunrise.

With Battery Storage, You’ll Still Have Electricity

Typically, there are times during the day solar panels produce more power than a household is using. This energy can be stored in solar battery storage systems to be used when the sun isn’t shining, or even in the event of a power outage.

This means even when your solar panels are producing energy, you’ll be able to use all the energy they created during the day, rather than sell it back to your electricity provider. Remember that your solar panels are likely going to create more energy than you can actually use during the day, so storing it to use when you need it is a great way to take full advantage of your solar investment.

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