Today’s ultra-efficient and powerful solar panels output energy to produce power for your home when the sun is shining. However, solar panels can’t generate energy at night or during a power outage. Pairing your solar panels with battery storage allows you to use stored solar power when your panels aren’t producing. But is installing battery storage a sound investment? Let’s find out below.

Cut Your Energy Bills

The biggest financial reward of installing a battery storage system, like Tesla Powerwall, is the reduction of energy bills. Battery storage systems work with solar panels to store excess solar energy your panels produce during the day. Then you can use the stored power when your panels aren’t producing power, lessening the amount of grid power you’ll need to purchase even more than solar panels alone. Less reliance on grid power reduces your energy bills.

Tax Credits

The United States government provides a 26% tax incentive to homeowners that install solar panel systems and battery storage. This Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to decrease to 22% in 2023, so purchasing solar and battery storage this year (2022) will ensure you are able to take maximum advantage of this credit to help with the cost of going solar.

Backup Power

The last ten years have shown a substantial transition from on-grid power to solar energy. Solar panels and battery storage boost overall household energy efficiency while making homes more energy independent. Homes with solar panels and battery storage don’t endure the pain of staying in the dark in the event of a power outage. The battery storage provides stored power to keep your electricity flowing in your home.

GVEC is a Tesla Certified Installer

These are the financial rewards of installing solar panels and battery storage for your home. For solar panel and battery storage installations in South Central Texas, call GVEC Solar Services. We’re a leading provider of top-notch and affordable solar power solutions. We’re also a Tesla Certified Installer of Tesla Powerwall to meet your battery storage needs. GVEC Solar Services is your go-to solar company for every size and type of solar design, installation and maintenance needs. We also offer licensed electrician services, high-speed internet, and heating/AC sales and service. Contact us today!

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