Enphase® IQ battery systems offer a cutting-edge solution for homeowners aiming to maximize their solar energy production and usage in efforts to minimize reliance and spend on traditional electricity sources.

With the Enphase App, owners gain seamless integration and control, featuring advanced tools like Storm Guard, which prepares the battery for severe weather to ensure optimal performance and protection against power outages.

Additionally, the IQ Load Controller allows users to prioritize critical appliances during power shortages, efficiently managing energy distribution for maximum efficiency.

GVEC Members and Peak-Time Payback Demand Response

Demand response involves reducing or shifting electricity usage during peak demand times, such as when extreme temperatures occur. GVEC’s Peak-Time Payback (PTP) program allows members to earn money by decreasing energy consumption during these periods using eligible thermostats or battery storage systems. The addition of Enphase IQ battery storage to PTP is an exciting enhancement, enabling members to earn bill credits immediately for enrolling and later for continued participation each year. Moreover, GVEC members with qualifying credit who wish to enroll in PTP can finance the purchase and installation of their Enphase IQ battery systems with 0% interest for ten years.

Battery Storage Without Solar

Although battery storage is an excellent accompaniment to solar panels as they increas the advantages of generating your own electricity, solar panels are not required to reap the benefits battery storage delivers. “Stand alone” batteries (batteries installed at locations without solar panels) are an excellent alternative to whole-home generators when it comes to backup power resources.

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GVEC is proud to deliver the advanced technology of Enphase IQ. As an Enphase Siver Installer, we serve Cuero, Gonzales, La Vernia, New Braunfels, Seguin, Schertz, Cibolo and surrounding areas throughout the region of South Central Texas. If you’re ready to experience the cost-efficient, convenient benefits of battery storage, or if you’d like to find out more, visit gvec.org today!

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