Hot, sunny Cibolo, TX, is an ideal location for homeowners to install solar panels and solar panel battery storage. As alternative energy sources gain popularity, many people are making a full or partial switch to solar energy. Plus, the power of the sun is free, so you can save money on your utility bills while reducing your environmental impact. But many Cibolo homeowners ask GVEC Solar Services how they can keep using solar energy even when the sun goes down, or it’s cloudy. The answer? Solar battery storage. Choose the best solar energy installation company in the Guadalupe Valley – GVEC Solar Services.

Our solar panel systems, which come with a 25-year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor, are durable and can help save you money on electricity bills. Plus, you can be confident in your positive environmental impact using renewable, alternative energy.

Dependable Solar Panel Battery Storage in Cibolo

Even without a battery storage solution, the solar panels installed by GVEC Solar Services can pay for themselves over time. However, when you add solar battery storage, you’ll save even more. Any excess electricity your panels generate in the daytime can be stored by a home battery and used in the evenings. Our in-house team of professional, fully-licensed electricians specializes in installing solar panel battery storage. They do installations correctly, quickly and safely. And once we get the panels and battery installed on your Cibolo home, you’ll be surprised just how much energy that Texas sun can provide!

There are many benefits to adding solar battery storage to your home’s solar panel installation:

  • Enjoy lower electricity bills
  • Enjoy surplus renewable energy in case of emergencies
  • Downgrade your carbon footprint
  • Enjoy reduced worry over electric outages

Before we recommend solar panel installation, or solar panel battery storage, your GVEC Solar Services team will inspect your home and wiring, including to roof, to make sure all are compatible with a roof-based solar panel system. After installing the panels, we’ll check and verify their output to be sure all is normal and within expected ranges. Installation of a battery storage solution helps ensure you can have a backup during power outages, and we’ll make sure your home is appropriately wired for the proper, safe function of solar panel battery storage.

Cutting-Edge Solar Battery Storage Installation

At GVEC Solar Services, we’ve been providing solar services to the Guadalupe Valley and Cibolo since 1938. Technology has changed during our time in business, but our ability to complete any job, large or small, hasn’t. We’re your friends and neighbors, and we take pride in our superior customer service. We can complete solar panel installation, including a battery for surplus energy. We also complete solar panel repairs and wiring upgrades for older homes.

Contact GVEC Solar Services to request the best solar panel battery storage in Cibolo!