As an increasing number of businesses are looking to utilize renewable energy, many companies have made efforts to take charge of their own energy production. Here, we’ll look at five large American companies leading the business revolution in renewable energy.

1. Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is a beauty giant based in the United States that entirely depends on renewable energy in its operations. It has installed heat pumps in all of its buildings, significantly reducing energy consumption. The company uses solar panels to power some of its facilities. It is also working on a pilot project to test the feasibility of using wind turbines to generate electricity.

2. Google

Google is the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy. The tech giant has committed to purchasing enough renewable energy to offset all of the electricity used by its operations. Google has invested in solar and wind farms and heat pump installation at their data centers.

3. Tesla

Tesla is at the forefront of electric car production; more recently, it has turned its attention to solar power. Tesla offers solar panels and roof tiles designed to blend in with existing roofs. Tesla also provides Powerwall battery storage, which can store solar energy at night or during a power outage. The company is making renewable energy affordable for American families.

4. Voya Financials

Voya Financials has long been a pioneer in responsible investing, and it has now set its sights on renewable energy. The company has diverted almost half its investments towards wind and solar power initiatives. The other half is towards sustainable renewable energy infrastructures like battery storage.

5. Bank of America

It is a leading financial institution that actively encourages future sustainability through transitioning to renewable energy and investment in high-impact carbon offsetting. Besides, it supports adopting a low-carbon economy by urging other global vendors to set green energy targets to minimize emissions.

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