Most major car manufacturers are producing fleets of electric vehicles (EV) as driving electric becomes more popular. One of the reasons for the growth in EV popularity is the cost efficiency of owning, powering and maintaining electric engines compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This may make you wonder how electric vehicles might be compatible with solar energy.

Home Solar System

Your home’s solar panel and battery storage systems can provide electrical power for your home needs. It can also provide power for your hybrid or electric vehicle. When you plug in your vehicle, your car cannot discriminate if the electricity comes from traditional generation or the panels on the roof of your home. In fact, charging your vehicle is a good way to use the excess electricity if plugged in while your home isn’t consuming as much power as your panels are producing.

Vehicle Solar System

A more direct use of the sun’s electrical generating power is the use of panels attached to the vehicle. Most often, like the panels for your home, car solar panels are located on the roof of the car. Not only is this a large, flat area for panel installation, but it also provides the most access to sunshine. The objective is for the car to charge while you work or run errands during the day. Solar panel EVs are not yet viable in the U.S. market, but some companies, like Toyota and Hyundai, are seriously looking into how to put this technology to work.

Local Solar Energy Experts

If you want to know more about how solar energy can benefit you through either your home or your EV, GVEC Solar Services can help answer your questions. We have been serving South Central Texas for decades. Not only are we your local solar professionals, but we also offer air conditioning and heating sales and services, high-speed internet, and licensed electrician services. Contact GVEC Solar Services today for solar and battery storage solutions in New Braunfels, TX and surrounding areas.

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