The sun is an amazing source of energy. If you’ve thought about installing solar panels and battery storage at your home in Sequin, TX, or anywhere in South Central Texas, GVEC can help. While harnessing solar power is an efficient way to generate electricity to power your home, we thought it might be interesting to see what types of nifty gadgets also make good use of solar technology. Here are five solar-powered items consumers may find useful.

1. Solar-Powered Generator

Solar-powered generators can be advantageous to use when other power sources aren’t available. This might mean in the event of a power outage, while camping, or even on a day trip to a beach or park. A solar-powered generator can supply power to laptops, a fridge, electric griddles or grills, and other items. These generators are generally compact and can be charged by simply being exposed to the sun.

2. Solar Cell Phone Charger

We rely heavily on our cell phones these days. If you ever experience a power outage, you may be worried about having enough battery life in your phone. Fortunately, there are solar cell phone chargers available, and you can charge them whenever the sun is out.

3. Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor ambiance can be enhanced with the right lighting. Solar-powered lights are so easy to use. Instead of fumbling with wires or batteries, you simply put them in a place where they can have sunlight during the day, and they’ll glow beautifully at night.

4. Solar Speakers

When you’re enjoying the outdoors, it can be nice to have music to listen to. A solar speaker is convenient if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet and don’t want the hassle of remembering to keep appropriately sized batteries in stock. A solar-powered speaker can be used anywhere once the sun charges the rechargeable lithium battery inside the device.

5. Solar Fan

A small solar fan can cool down a room, tent or picknick space effectively. The solar panel to the fan can be placed in a window or outside where it would naturally be exposed to the sun. It can then keep the air moving to help keep you cool.

GVEC Solar and Battery Storage

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