Understanding how high winds impact solar energy systems is important before making an investment in these panels for your home. Severe weather is a common occurrence throughout various parts of the nation. Hurricanes are a major factor impacting residents living on the Texas coast, while tornadoes can be an occasional threat for anyone living in other parts of Texas.


Fortunately, solar panels are highly resistant to strong winds, which makes them a great option for homes in South Central Texas and throughout all areas of the country. A well-built solar racking system is essential in reducing uplift, as the wind can pass through the small area between the roof and the panels without causing problems. The majority of solar panels are rated to withstand high wind speeds.

Flying Debris

Another potential source of solar panel damage is flying debris from storms. However, solar panels are designed to remain resistant to the majority of flying debris. Solar panels can even withstand hailstorms due to their innovative design. The ability to withstand severe weather is just another one of the many benefits of investing in solar panels.

Following Building Codes

Many locations require homes to meet certain building standards to stay in compliance. Following these building codes will provide your home and solar panels with an additional level of protection against severe weather. For example, homes in South Florida must install solar panels that can withstand winds of up to 170 mph, and manufactures must test their equipment to ensure it can meet these strict standards.

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