Solar photovoltaic technologies are becoming more appealing to many homeowners as the equipment costs continue to drop and the potential for long-term savings continues to rise. However, many homeowners wonder how to size a solar panel system for their particular homes.

Assessing Your Energy Consumption

GVEC Solar Services is a leading solar solutions provider serving the Guadalupe Valley and surrounding areas. Depending on your situation, an energy audit may be a good starting point in determining which solar panel system is right for you. GVEC Solar Services offers a free Home Energy Audit for members. Auditing your home’s energy efficiency will help determine where the inefficiencies and trouble spots lie, and what steps you can take to improve overall efficiency. You can also determine and assess how much electricity you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Determining How Much Solar Energy You Want

Once you know how much energy you consume each day on average, you’ll want to determine how much electricity you want to generate from a solar panel system and how much will come from the grid.

Determine Peak Sun Hours and Number of Panels

Next, you’ll need to determine which solar panel system is best suited for your individual needs. How much direct and peak sunlight does your home receive? This important consideration is known as “insolation”—the amount of solar radiation that directly reaches your home. Several factors play into determining a home’s insolation levels. These include geography and location, climate, variability with season and time of day, how much shading there is around the home, and so forth. Knowing your home’s insolation numbers will help determine the solar panel model and the number of panels you need to achieve the daily kWh you’ve targeted. While this might sound somewhat complicated, at GVEC Solar Services, our knowledgeable solar specialists can help you find solutions to such considerations.

Contact GVEC Solar Services

Since 2017, GVEC Solar Services has installed over 1,200 solar panel systems throughout the Guadalupe Valley and surrounding areas. We offer a complete, turnkey solar solution, with a team of professional, fully licensed electricians who do all our installations in-house. We warranty those installations for 10 years and the systems themselves for 25. You’ll never worry about who to contact or who’ll provide service regarding any questions or issues surrounding your system or installation. To learn more about solar energy and how much you could save with a solar panel system from GVEC Solar Services, call us at 855.898.8807.

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