If you’re looking for an experienced solar panel installation company in Gonzales, Seguin, Schertz or surrounding areas, GVEC Solar Services has the expertise and experience you need. We’ve developed a very specific process for selecting solar panels and installing them for our customers.

Buying the Right Solar Panels

When you call GVEC Solar Services for a consultation, we’ll assign one of our energy solution specialists to visit your site and evaluate it for free. The specialist will create a custom solution by considering factors like these:

  • The slope and direction of building rooftops
  • Your electric service and wiring
  • Amount of power generation desired
  • Cost of possible solar power solutions

Professional Solar Panels Installations

GVEC Solar Services has developed a safe and professional method of installing solar panels to various types of rooftops. We mount solar panels onto metal racks, which is more secure than attaching them directly to roofing materials. We also house electrical wiring and cables in conduit to protect them from the elements. Our solar panels are durable enough to withstand the impact of large hailstones, wind, and downpours.

A Smooth Process from Beginning to End

Our transparent, dependable process for the purchase and installation of solar panel systems has allowed us to build relationships with satisfied customers in the Guadalupe Valley. Not only do solar panels help improve the environment, but you also profit from our solar panel solutions. How? Once wired into the electric grid, you can sell any excess power generated by your panels back to GVEC Solar Services.

About GVEC Solar Services

GVEC Solar Services has been serving the Guadalupe Valley, from Cuero to Schertz, for over 50 years. Our parent organization, the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, saw a need in its service territory back then for a dependable, high-quality provider of HVAC products and services. The expansion into AC/heating also seemed a logical extension of the Cooperative’s mission. We take pride in being part of a legacy of service to the community that began in 1938.

More than five decades after our founding, GVEC Solar Services is still serving the Guadalupe Valley, and we’ve long-since expanded, too, to include other products and services.

Contact GVEC Solar Services Today

At GVEC Solar Services, we’ve been selling high-quality solar panel systems in the Guadalupe Valley since 2013. In 2017, we added in-house installation through our Electrician services team, creating a complete, all-in-one solar solution for our customers.

If you’re interested in installing a solar panel system on your home, why not call a neighbor you already know and trust? For more information on a solar panel system or on any of GVEC Solar Services’s products and services, call GVEC Solar Services today at 855.898.8807.

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