Updated: March 25, 2024

Installing solar panels on your home in Seguin, TX, is a wise decision for your budget, carbon footprint and lifestyle. Once in a while, the area may experience heavy rain or flooding. It’s important to know how these weather events can impact your solar panels.

Reduced Solar Absorption

On a day with heavy rainfall, the clouds obscure the sunlight. This reduces the short-term solar absorption of your panels. However, these effects only take place until the weather clears. Once the clouds lift, the water-resistant solar panels will immediately absorb the sun’s energy.

solar in rain

Removal of Dirt and Debris

In certain areas, typically dry, sandy soil may become airborne on warm and hot days. Just a little wind will spread soil particles through the air. Some of them will land on your solar panels. Your solar panels can also accumulate layers of dust, pollen, bird droppings and other debris. That’s when rain can come in handy. Heavy rainfall does a great job of rinsing this dirt and debris off the panels.

Floods and Solar Panels

If your solar panel system is installed on your home’s roof, floodwater shouldn’t impact them. The installers place multiple strong attachments between the panels and your roof. Even strong wind gusts won’t remove them. However, flying debris in a severe storm could cause physical damage to the photovoltaic surface. If your solar panels are installed on the ground, rapidly moving flood water with a strong current and floating debris can damage them. The panels could be torn off their anchors. It’s better to install the panels on a high point, such as a hill or on your roof.

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