If you’re curious about installing a solar panel system on your Guadalupe Valley area home, you might be wondering if your roof has the right characteristics. Not all roofs are configured in a way that makes them compatible with a solar panel installation. If that’s the case, ground-mounted solar panels may be a better option for you.

Here are some important factors that we take into account when determining if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels.


Solar panels have an approximate 30-year lifespan. If your roof is old, you may need to replace it before the solar panels can be installed. This way, you won’t have to worry about re-installing panels if your roof needs replacing later.


Metal, clay, tile, rubber and asphalt are materials that are compatible with solar panel installations. Roofs made of wood or slate may not be compatible with solar power systems due to their brittleness.


Your home’s roof should be large enough to accommodate the number of solar panels needed for your renewable energy expectations. Keep in mind, dormers, vents, chimneys, and other features might take up square footage when determining the size of your roof.


An ideal roof for a solar panel installation has a 30- to 45-degree slope. This slope is advantageous for the collection of solar energy. It also helps with the cleaning and maintenance of the panels. Although solar panels can be placed on a shallower slope, they may have to be staggered, which requires more space.


The direction the largest area of your roof faces is important for how much solar power the panels can produce. A south-facing roof is the most efficient for collecting solar power in South Central Texas. The east- and west-facing parts of a roof can also be used for solar panel installations. North-facing roofs are the least efficient at collecting solar energy.

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