Once you decide that solar panels are right for you, your next decision will usually be where you want to install them. The two most common locations for solar panels are on either the roof of your house or the ground near your home. Both of these spots come with their own unique advantages. Here are some things to consider when figuring out which one is right for you.

Ease of Access and Installation

Since ground mounts are not placed at dangerous heights and technicians do not have to worry about damaging your roof, they are easier to access for installation and maintenance. However, it takes longer to install a ground-mounted solar panel system because there are more parts involved.

For Lower Installation Costs, Roof-Mounted Solar Wins the Day

When it comes to cost, roof-mounted panels are usually better. If you choose to have GVEC Solar Services install solar panels on the roof of your South Central Texas home, it could be less expensive because our technicians don’t need to build a support structure for roof-mounted panels.

For Greater Versatility, Opt for Ground-Mounted Solar

Ground-mounted solar panels can be placed almost anywhere on your property, giving you more options for positioning and size compared to roof-mounted panels. However, if you require the land for other uses, roof mounts can be better because they leave you with ground space for gardens, patios, and other landscaping features.

For Greater Efficiency, Ground-Mounted Solar is Usually Best

Whether the panels will produce more energy on the roof or ground depends on your property. Generally, ground-based panels have a higher energy output because their position allows for better airflow and more frequent routine maintenance. However, if all the ground on your property is in shade, the panels may be more efficient mounted on a sunny roof.

Contact GVEC Solar Services Today

At GVEC Solar Services, we’ll work with you to assess your needs and help determine whether a roof or ground-based solar system will be your best option. Our trained technicians have plenty of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining both styles. If you’d like to talk about adding solar to your home, call us now at 855.898.8807 or contact us here. We serve homeowners throughout South Central Texas with solar, as well as electrical and AC/heating services.

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