Solar panels are a great way to generate power when you need it. However, if panels aren’t properly maintained, it can lead to reduced efficiency and even to breakdowns. Generally speaking, solar panels require once-yearly, routine maintenance.

Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean

The most important maintenance item is to keep your solar panels clean and clear of obstruction. Panels need a comprehensive visual inspection and thorough cleaning about once a year. They should be kept free of debris, including leaves, twigs, pollen, dust and any other item that may be blown around to land on panels and potentially reduce the amount of sunlight they receive.

Keeping the Solar Panels Out of the Shade

You will want to make sure your solar panels are out of the shade. Some people think that solar panels should not always sit out in the direct sun because of the heat. Solar panels are built to withstand high temperatures. Keep an eye on your solar panels; if there are any trees that grow up and cast a shade, make sure that you take those down. Nearby trees can also be a source of blown leaves and other debris. You will want to make sure this issue is checked as part of any maintenance visit.

Regularly Log and Monitor Panel Performance

A good idea to ensure that your panels are working as they should is to track their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance. While this may seem time-consuming, all panel systems sold through GVEC offer a suite of comprehensive monitoring software. This allows to closely watch the output and efficiency of your panels, which not only helps assure your panels are operating properly, but also helps you think about and modify home electricity usage.

GVEC – Your One-Stop, Turnkey Solar Solutions Professional

At GVEC, we are happy to help you with all your solar energy needs. We serve Gonzales, Texas, and numerous other areas across South Central Texas. We handle the entire solar panel buying process in-house, starting with a free consultation with one of our noncommissioned solar solutions specialists. They’ll help you create an individualized solar energy solution that will save you money on electricity bills while also creating greater energy independence.

Our team of professional electricians perform all panel installs. They’ll keep you updated during every phase of the process and show you how to use your system for maximum longevity and efficiency. We back all our systems with a 25-year warranty on parts and 10 years on installation.

We Can Help With Solar Panel Maintenance Too – Call us to Learn How

Climbing onto your roof to inspect and clean panels can be dangerous, but GVEC has solutions to help. To learn more about effective solar panel maintenance and obtaining maximum value from your renewable energy investment, contact GVEC today at 855.898.8807.

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