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Harness Green Energy From the Sun with GVEC Solar Services!

Did you know that there’s a clean energy resource right outside your door waiting to be used? It’s the sun! Texas has over 300 days of sun every year, making it the ideal location to take advantage of solar power.

If you’re interested in going solar, GVEC Solar Services can help — we’re dedicated to providing the most professional and customer-friendly solar services in the area.

We provide:
  • Long-term experience and unmatched expertise with installation of solar power systems
  • Free site evaluation for alternative energy possibilities before installation
  • Custom designed systems to match your home and its needs
  • Free, no-obligation quotes on solar panel installation
  • Money-saving rebates for GVEC members
  • The ins and outs of federal solar tax credits

Texas’ Best Home Solar Installation Service

Solar Panels installation in ciboloDon’t yet have the advantages of solar power and want to buy solar panels for home use? GVEC Solar Services is proud to provide complete installation of solar panel systems as well.

In fact, we are well known in Cibolo, Texas as the top resource for incredible quality, but affordable solar panel installation!

Our clean energy installation services include:
  • Free site evaluation and no-obligation quotes on work
  • Technical requirements evaluation, permitting services, and approval checks with your homeowner association
  • Custom tailored design for your home’s specific needs
  • Full, professional installation of high efficiency solar panels and home computer monitoring set-up

What Can You Save When You Buy Solar Panels in Cibolo, TX?

There are numerous advantages of solar power for your Cibolo, Texas home. Of course, you’ll be helping the environment. Solar energy is renewable — and saves a substantial amount of money on electricity. In fact, our customers, on average, save up to $60 every month on their energy bills!

Through December 31st, 2022, you can receive a federal tax credit of 26% (read more about the tax credit here)

GVEC Solar Services Alternative Energy Products for Your Home

GVEC Solar Services’s products are built to last. We are proud to note that all of our solar panel products:

  • Are strong, durable, and long-lasting
  • Are weather-resistant to the extreme Texas climate
  • Require minimal maintenance (usually just a regular hosing to keep them clean)
  • Operate at the highest efficiency possible

Trust the Best in the Business: GVEC Solar Services

From evaluating your home and property for solar compatibility, to installing a custom designed system on your property, to solar repair, we do it all at GVEC Solar Services.

You’ll love the benefits of solar energy. Learn more about our customer-first solar services!

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