Solar technology is something many homeowners would like to obtain. When installed, their family could enjoy energy savings by generating electricity from the sun instead of purchasing it from their local utility. Unfortunately, solar technology was too cumbersome for a long time. Things have changed, as modern solar technology is more affordable and accessible than ever before.


Solar technology can be expensive, but it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Tax credits, deductions, and financing options have made the technology more affordable for many homeowners.

The biggest thing has simply been the cost reductions that come with mass production. As more people have turned to solar technology, the costs involved with making the various parts and pieces have come down. Additionally, Technological and engineering improvements keep creating cheaper ways to make solar equipment.

Pairing solar panels with battery storage technology has also made solar technology more cost beneficial. Solar panels alone only generate power if the sun is shining to produce power to be used immediately. However, batteries mean solar power can be stored for use anytime- even in the event of a power outage. Increasing the time frame of when solar power can offset utility bills even more.


The same mass production benefits that drive down costs also make solar technology more accessible to homeowners. Lighter and more durable materials are easier to source, and there are more options that can be mounted safely on the roof of a home. These materials also make solar systems last longer and more efficient, so the investment can pay for itself over time.

Professional Services Make Solar Possible

If you want to explore the potential of solar power for your home or get services for what you already have, such as battery storage solutions or solar panel maintenance, then you need knowledgeable professionals to help you out. We offer complete solar panel design and installation services, as well as maintenance, repairs, and removal and reinstallations. Contact GVEC Solar Services for solar sevices in New Braunfels, Sequin, Gonzales, and surrounding areas throughout South Central Texas.

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