Investing in solar energy in Gonzalez and other areas throughout Texas could pay off sooner than you think. According to federal tax laws, homeowners who have installed solar systems are eligible for an Investment Tax Credit.

Also known as ITC, the credit is calculated at a rate that goes up to 30 percent of the costs of installing these systems. You should claim the tax credit when you file your returns with the IRS. However, you need to know if you qualify by understanding how these credits usually work.

Solar Power Systems Eligible for Tax Credits

The tax credits apply to a variety of renewable-energy devices, including solar systems. However, if you have those that are mounted in your backyard, you need to meet certain requirements.

First, you should demonstrate that you have adhered to the fire and safety code. You should also supply electricity to a personal residence that is registered under your name. After that, the officials will want to know if you have been placed in service from 2006-2021.

What the Tax Credits Cover

Typically, the amount of your credit is calculated based on various aspects of your expenditure. You will start by looking at the costs of preparing the site where you installed the panels. These costs include service upgrades and any money used to extend the surface of the roof where the solar system is located. In addition to that, you will calculate the costs of wiring the new panels to your home as well as costs related to assembling and installing the panels.

The Rules for Claiming Tax Credits

The rules that determine who gets a tax credit and how much they get change all the time. For instance, there were maximum caps on ion tax claims before 2019, but the rules have changed. Therefore, you will have to check with your local authorities to know the current status.

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