Solar panels by themselves are not enough to keep the power on during outages or when the sun isn’t out. Solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall are similar to any other battery you use in your daily life. They store energy for use when you need a backup power source.

Why We Use Powerwall Batteries

Our technicians at GVEC Solar Services install Tesla Powerwall batteries because they are dependable, stylish, and versatile. Their compact design allows them to be mounted anywhere you want — inside or outside.

We recommend pairing solar panels with Tesla Powerwall batteries because it not only helps cut down on energy costs but also acts as a backup power source. Who wants to deal with noisy, bulky fuel generators when you already have power you’ve stored from a renewable energy source on hand?

Tesla Powerwall Specifications

A single Tesla Powerwall holds up to 13.5 kilowatts (kWh), enough to power the average home for around 13 hours during a power outage. Batteries can be “stacked,” meaning more can be installed to collect double or triple the amount of power. Units are around 3 to 5 feet tall and about 6 inches in depth.

Controlling Tesla Powerwalls Remotely

By installing the Powerwall app, you can see how much energy your home is using while also setting preferences according to how your home uses that energy. You might choose to consume more power from the grid, leaving batteries charged in case of an emergency.

You can make changes to power preferences and monitor your power remotely, such as from work or while away on vacation. That means visibility and control over the way your home uses electricity even if you are half a world away.

Reach Out for Help Today

At GVEC Solar Services,we are part of the certified network of installers for Tesla Powerwall. Our team also provides traditional electrical services for residential properties and businesses throughout Gonzales, seguin and other areas in South Central Texas. We also have a team of HVAC experts providing heating and AC services. Looking for internet services? We can help with that too. Contact us today to set up an appointment or learn more about our service offerings.

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